Can you renew your Italian passport online?

Can you renew your Italian passport online?

Can you renew your Italian passport online? Most consulates require visiting the offices in person to deliver the necessary documents. There is no option to submit the application online, as some documents, such as your old passport, need to be delivered physically.

How do I book an appointment to renew my Italian passport in the UK?

If you wish to book an afternoon appointment with the Passport Office of the Italian Consulate General in London, you need to book through our free online booking system “[email protected]” (click here).

How can I get an Italian passport quickly?

An alternative way to apply for Italian Dual Citizenship is through a Fast-Track application. With Fast-Track, you’re able to apply for citizenship directly in Italy, as opposed to applying at an Italian consulate in your home country. Consulates often have a long wait time before you can get an appointment.

How do I renew my Italian passport in NY?

How to renew an Italian passport in NYC

  1. A completed application form (available on the Consulate’s website).
  2. 2 (two) recent Italian passport photos.
  3. Your old Italian passport.
  4. A copy of your United States Permanent Resident Card or entry visa (if you only have Italian citizenship).

How long does it take to renew an Italian passport?

It could be about 60 days or longer. Once your birth is recorded, the Italian Town Hall will notify the Italian Consulate and that is when you can to get your Italian Passport. You will also need to register with the AIRE (Anagrafe per I Residenti Italiani all’Estero), the registry of Italians residing abroad.

Where can I renew my Italian passport in the UK?

You may apply for a passport at the London Consulate General if you are an Italian national residing in the London Consular District and are registered both in the Consular Register and in the A.I.R.E. (Anagrafe Italiani Residenti all’Estero – Register of Italians residing abroad) of an Italian “comune” (town hall).

How much does it cost to get an Italian passport?

Once you are a citizen, there is a cost to obtain your Italian passport. As of March 2019, an Italian passport costs approximately $131.90 (116 euros) at an Italian consulate.

How do I make an appointment at the Italian consulate in New York?

On June 14, the Consulate General of Italy in New York will launch a new online booking platform for passport and visa appointments. The new platform, [email protected], can be accessed at

How to obtain an Italian passport?

How to obtain an Italian passport through residency Residency is one of the most common ways of obtaining an Italian passport.The procedure is nearly the same for EU and non-EU citizens, as both categories of applicants need to reside in Italy for different periods before applying for citizenship.

How much does an Italian passport cost?

The application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, regardless of the outcome of the petition. 7. Eventually, when you receive your citizenship, you will incur fees to order your Italian Passport, which is approximately $145 for five years.

What makes you eligible for an Italian passport?

Felony Drug Convictions. While not all felons are barred from applying for and receiving a passport,there are certain drug charges that can keep you from having your application approved.

  • Child Support Cases.
  • Unpaid Federal Loans.
  • Minors Without Parental Consent.
  • Other Factors.
  • Can I get an Italian passport?

    You need to be residing in Italy for 10 years, so you have to wait 5 more years, once you have that, you need to pass a test on italian language, laws, and history. Pass it, and you’ll get your citizenship, with that you can request an italian passport.