Did Stevie Wonder play all the instruments on Superstition?

Did Stevie Wonder play all the instruments on Superstition?

Writing and recording Though at this point he was playing virtually all of the instruments on his songs by himself, Wonder preferred to let other guitarists play on his records, and he liked the idea of a collaboration with Beck.

Did Stevie Ray Vaughan sing Superstition?

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Superstition (Video) – YouTube.

Who originally wrote Superstition?

Stevie WonderSuperstition / LyricistStevland Hardaway Morris, known professionally as Stevie Wonder, is an American singer-songwriter and musician, who is credited as a pioneer and influence by musicians across a range of genres that includes rhythm and blues, pop, soul, gospel, funk, and jazz. Wikipedia

Did Stevie Wonder write superstition?

In fact, Jeff Beck and Stevie were hanging out together in 1972, and Stevie was supposed to write him a few songs. Ironically, it was Jeff Beck’s drumming — not his guitar playing — that inspired Stevie to pen “Superstition.”

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Who played guitar for Stevie Wonder?

Nathan Watts
Birth name Nathan Lamar Watts
Born March 25, 1954 Alabama
Origin Detroit, Michigan, United States
Genres Funk, soul, R&B, rock and roll