Do you know that Siri is better than you?

Do you know that Siri is better than you?

The results for answering the simple questions correctly was Google at 76.57%, Alexa at 56.29% and Siri at 47.29%. The results for answering the complex questions correctly, which involved comparisons, composition and/or temporal reasoning was similar in ranking: Google 70.18%, Alexa 55.05% and Siri 41.32%.

Who is Siri in Google?

(Pocket-lint) – Google’s version of Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri is Google Assistant. It has made incredible progress since its 2016 launch and is probably the most advanced and dynamic of the assistants out there.

Who is more intelligent Siri or Google?

It’s great being able to compose messages accurately with your voice too. However, Google Assistant is generally a little smarter than Siri. Baked into more third-party devices and able to understand the whole family a bit clearer, it works better as a smart home voice assistant than Siri.

Who is smarter Alexa or Siri?

Research by Loop Ventures, revealed that out of 800 questions they asked voice assistants, Google Assistant understood all of them and answered 92.9% correctly, while Alexa understood 99.9% and got 79.8% correct. Finally, Siri was able to understand 99.8% of the questions and managed to correctly answer 83.1%.

Is Siri Iphone only?

Devices Compatible With Siri Siri is on almost every Apple device, and it’s built into macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. You can activate Siri on Macs running macOS Sierra or later, all Apple Watch models, the ‌Apple TV‌ HD and ‌Apple TV‌ 4K, all modern iPhones, all AirPods models, the ‌HomePod‌, and the HomePod mini.

Who is the best AI assistant?

10 Best AI Apps Of 2022

  1. Siri. Siri, the famous virtual assistant from Apple doesn’t need too much of an introduction, and it’s one of the most popular AI apps.
  2. Cortana. Another AI app that hardly needs an introduction is Cortana, the virtual assistant from Microsoft.
  3. Google Assistant.
  4. Alexa.
  5. ELSA Speak.
  6. Socratic.
  7. Fyle.
  8. DataBot.

Can you say hi Siri?

Either raise the phone to your ear or press and hold the Home button. If Siri is already displayed, tap the Siri microphone button. Say “Hello” and then pause. Siri uses pause detection to know when you’ve stopped speaking.

What’s Siri’s IQ?

Siri’s IQ fell well below at 23.9, which was also lower than Microsoft Corp.’s (MSFT) Bing and Baidu, at 31.98 and 32.92, respectively. For comparison’s sake, the average 18-year-old has an IQ of 97, according to the study.

Who is older Siri or Alexa?

Siri made its way onto the market in 2010 when it was released on Apple’s App Store. Apple acquired it a couple of months later and started integrating it into phones. Alexa first got its start in the Echo, a smart speaker developed by Amazon.