Do you put a comma before LLC in a company name?

Do you put a comma before LLC in a company name?

As explained above, it is legally acceptable to register your limited liability company either with, or without, a comma before the designation “LLC” or “L.L.C.” Once that registration is completed, be sure that you are consistent in using the exact name you registered, including all punctuation.

Should Ltd have a full stop after it?

Always write with full stops, unless the last letter of the abbreviation is the last letter of the full term or phrase. Examples F.A.O., fig., tel., i.e., Ltd, cf., Mr, Dr, no (use a full stop if necessary to avoid confusion: no. 6 screwdriver). The plural of abbreviations or figures does not take an apostrophe.

Should Co have a period?

Since Co. is an abbreviated form of Company, a dot is required. As the others have stated, grammatically, having a period to indicate an abbreviation is correct. However, a company is free to ignore grammar rules when it comes to their company name.

Do you put a period after Corp?

You need a period in the abbreviation for corporation (ABC Corp.) and in the abbreviation for incorporated (ABC Inc.) By the way, if an abbreviation occurs at the end of a sentence, the same period serves for both the end of the abbreviation and the end of the sentence. You don’t need two periods.