Does Allianz have mutual funds?

Does Allianz have mutual funds?

Multi Asset AllianzGI’s Multi-Asset investment strategy is based on the belief that a combination of risk mitigation during times of market stress and active asset allocation across market cycles can improve outcomes for investors, both by enhancing returns and by reducing drawdowns.

Who bought Allianz Funds?

Central to the partnership, Virtus will become the investment adviser, distributor and/or administrator of AllianzGI’s approximately $23 billion in open-end, closed-end and retail separate account assets1.

What is ACP private equity?

ACP is a multi-strategy, alternative investment management firm. Our goal is to invest wisely and create value in an ethical manner for our investors.

Is Allianz an asset owner?

It is owned by the global financial services group Allianz. Employing nearly 3,000, it manages over EUR 500 billion in assets on behalf of institutional and retail clients and also of Allianz itself….Allianz Global Investors.

Type Subsidiary
AUM €673 billion (31 December 2021)
Number of employees 2900
Parent Allianz

Who is Allianz Private Equity Partners?

Allianz Private Equity Partners. APEP is a 100% indirect subsidiary of Allianz SE and a leading private equity fund of funds manager. New York, New York, United States.

What is AllianzGI’s apef?

Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) today announced the first close of the Allianz Private Equity Fund (APEF), which is managed by Allianz Capital Partners (ACP). The APEF allows institutional investors to invest together with Allianz in ACP’s global private equity program.

What services do Allianz Investment Advisers offer?

They serve institutional clients within the Allianz Group as well as outside investors, providing a wide range of investment services, from market-leading due diligence to tailor-made asset allocation and customized investment vehicles and reporting.

What is the apef’s new fund?

The fund was launched in February 2021 and held its first close with commitments from European institutional investors exceeding EUR 500 million. The APEF will invest with leading global private equity fund managers and will pursue co-investments alongside such partners.