Does Coke still make bottles with names?

Does Coke still make bottles with names?

personalized glass bottles of Coca-Cola. Easily build a 6-pack of personalized bottles. Choose your favorite brand and special occasion or theme label. Then enter your custom names or phrases below.

Where can I get Coke with my name?

If your name didn’t make the cut, Coke still wants your dreams to come true; this summer the brand will make 500 stops around the USA where visitors can receive customized Coke mini-cans. To browse the names, see tour dates and send a personalized “virtual Coke,” head to

What names are on Coke bottles?

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, which saw names like Chris, Alex, and Jess, as well as monikers like “BFF” and “Wingman” emblazoned on bottles and cans, is credited for increasing the company’s US soft drink sales by 0.4 percent year-over-year, according to data reported in The Wall Street Journal.

When did they start putting names on Coke bottles?

Coca-Cola first started including common names on its bottles in 2011 in Australia. The company has expanded the campaign each year to include more names and flavors.

When was the first coke bottle made with a white label?

In 1957, they were printed with a white label featuring both trademarks, Coca-Cola and Coke (before, the trademark had only been blown in glass lettering on the bottle). This is starting to resemble the Coke bottles we know and love today. The times really were a-changin’!

Why did the coke bottle change its name?

More changes! In 1915, the bottle changed again, as competitors were trying to imitate Coke with bottles that had slight variations compared to the trademarked name. The famous contour bottle prototype was created b y Alexander Samuelson and patented by the Root Glass Company.

What is the name on the bottom of vintage Coke bottles?

Vintage Town Name Bottles The name of the town where the drink was bottled was once embossed on the bottom of vintage Coke bottles. This ended in the early 1960s.

Do Coca-Cola bottles have city names on the bottom?

In 2000, the Coca-Cola Company reintroduced embossed Coke bottles with city names on the bottom. Only 24 cities were featured on the special 8-ounce glass contour bottles.