Does Nellis AFB have a hospital?

Does Nellis AFB have a hospital?

All areas of medicine are offered at the hospital including substance abuse and same day surgery facilities. For more information about appointments, call the Nellis Air Force Base Federal Hospital at 702-653-2273 or DSN 384-2273.

What is the name of the hospital on Nellis AFB?

Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center

Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center
Nellis Air Force Base United States Department of Veterans Affairs
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Location 4700 North Las Vegas Boulevard Nellis Air Force Base, Clark County, Nevada, U.S.

Can civilians get on Nellis AFB?

US Citizens: There are a few ways of getting passes onto Nellis AFB. In-person pass issue: Both the sponsor and the visitor are required to be present at the Nellis Visitor Control Center (VCC) with valid credentials and current vehicle registration (if applicable).

Is Nellis AFB open to veterans?

Main Base at Nellis AFB is open to ALL authorized personnel. ATTENTION COMMISSARY PATRONS! Starting January 1, 2020 all SERVICE-CONNECTED DISABLED VETERANS, Purple Heart recipients, former prisoners of war and primary veteran caregivers will be eligible to shop at commissaries worldwide.

What units are at Nellis AFB?

Major Units Report

  • 12th Combat Training Squadron (12th CTS)
  • 318th Cyber Space Operations Group (318th COG) Detachment 2.
  • 372nd Training Squadron, Detachment 13 (372nd TRS/DET 13)
  • 414th Combat Training Squadron (414th CTS)
  • 422th Test and Evaluation Squadron (422nd TES)
  • 432nd Wing (432nd WG)

Who can access Nellis AFB?

Only valid DOD identification cardholders are authorized to sponsor visitors onto Nellis AFB. This includes active duty U.S. military service members, retirees, reservists, guardsmen, military family members and civilian DOD employees. A minor DOD ID card holder under the age of 18 cannot be a sponsor.

What is there to do on Nellis AFB?

Best Things To Do in Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

  • Thunderbirds. 4445 Tyndall Ave.
  • Nellis Air Force Base Main Gate. 4430 Grissom Ave.
  • Freedom Park.
  • Catholic Charities. 4349 Duffer Dr.
  • Nellis 300 Lanes Bowling Alley. 4275 Griffiss Ave.
  • Nellis Afb Passenger Terminal.
  • Nellis A Frce Base Chplin Fund.
  • Out Door Rcreatn 99 Force Supp.

Can retired military get on Nellis AFB?

Welcome Military & DoD Retirees! A special welcome is in store for all military and DoD retirees at Nellis AFB. You will find that Nellis AFB has great people and great services for your retirement years in the Las Vegas area.

Does Nellis Air Force base have a hospital?

Nellis AFB, NV – Hospital. The nearest hospital to Nellis Air Force Base is the Mike O’Callaghan Federal Hospital which offers inpatient care and emergency room facilities. The facility is provided by the 99th Medical Group and has over 94 beds. The hospital has a variety of services including radiological, surgical and pharmacy operations.

Where is deers located at Nellis Air Force base?

Building 1300, First Floor Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada 89191 Don’t forget to keep your family’s information up-to-date in DEERS.

Where is the Mike O Callaghan hospital at Nellis AFB?

Mike O’Callaghan Federal Medical Center. The Mike O’Callaghan Federal Medical Center Hospital at Nellis AFB is located right outside the main gate on N Las Vegas Blvd.

Where is the Nellis Medical Center in Las Vegas?

Nellis AFB – 4700 Las Vegas Blvd North, Bldg 1300, Nellis AFB, NV 89191 Nellis Medical Center Website