How can I check my passport status in Pakistan?

How can I check my passport status in Pakistan?

All citizens are requested to provide their correct cell number at Data Entry stage during passport processing, so that your passport application status can be shared on your cell number through SMS code 9988.

How can I check my passport number online in Pakistan?

Passport Tracking Online Method You will need to open the online tracking portal website (the link will be up soon). Once you are on the website portal, you will be able to find a login button. Choose the option to create a new user and start adding your authentic biodata.

How can I track my passport number?

Step 1: Visit the and select the ‘Track Your Application Status’ tab. Step 2: From the drop-down menu, select the type of passport from among the options listed. Step 3: Enter your 15-digit file number and your date of birth in the format prescribed.

Can I find my passport number online?

Answer: The passport number is printed on the passport’s data page. You cannot find the information online. You need to request for a passport record in order to obtain the information.

How do I locate my passport number?

Question: I need passport number. Answer: You can find the passport number on the passport’s data page. If you are not in possession of the passport, you may file a request for passport record. You may call passport services at 1-877-487-2778 for more information.

Where can I find passport book number?

To locate your passport book number, check the upper right-hand corner on the second page of your passport book. Below the United States of America title, you will find a black number labeled “Passport No./No. du Passeport/No. de Pasaporte.”” That is your passport book number.

How to check status of Pakistani passport via SMS?

Check Status of Pakistani Passport via SMS. The first simple process to track the status of your passport is SMS. From the write message of your mobile phone, type 11 digits Token Number and send the SMS on 9988 for desired information. The 11 digits Token ID will be printed on the Token Receipt given to you.

What is Pakistan passport appointment service?

This service has been launched by the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports, Government of Pakistan after analyzing the problems faced by people who have applied for a passport.

Is online passport renewal available in Pakistan?

Online applicants are hereby informed that the system of online passport renewal is operational. The Overseas Pakistani Passports holders can apply for renewal of their passports through online passport facility whose passports have expired or will expire within next 07 months.

How to get passport of Pakistan in Iran?

Passport of Online applicants will be delivered to the embassy of Pakistan in Iran. Applicants are advised to collect their passports from embassy of Pakistan Iran (Mashhad, Tehran & Zahidan). ATTENTION PLEASE! Home Delivery Service of passport is restricted as per the local laws imposed by Government of Morocco.