How do I add a controller to Web API?

How do I add a controller to Web API?

Select Add, then select Controller. In the Add Scaffold dialog, select “Web API 2 Controller with actions, using Entity Framework”. Click Add….Add Web API Controllers

  1. In the Model class dropdown, select the Author class.
  2. Check “Use async controller actions”.
  3. Leave the controller name as “AuthorsController”.

How do I specify a route in Web API?

routes. MapHttpRoute( name: “API Default”, routeTemplate: “api/{controller}/{id}”, defaults: new { id = RouteParameter. Optional } ); This route is defined in the WebApiConfig….For example, the following URIs match the default route:

  1. /api/contacts.
  2. /api/contacts/1.
  3. /api/products/gizmo1.

What is controller in Web API?

Web API controller is a class which can be created under the Controllers folder or any other folder under your project’s root folder. The name of a controller class must end with “Controller” and it must be derived from System. Web. Http.

How can I call MVC controller action from Web API?

You just need to make sure that you get your URLs right, so WebApi calls your MVC controller via it’s properly qualified route. To test this, write a simple MVC action which returns some Json data and call it in the browser. If you manage to craft the URL correctly you will see the data displayed in the browser.

What is difference between controller and API controller?

The main difference is: Web API is a service for any client, any devices, and MVC Controller only serve its client. The same because it is MVC platform.

What is a web controller?

A controller is a program component that serves as a mediator between a user and application and handles business-related tasks triggered in ASP.NET pages. A controller is used for scripting exposed and middle-tier endpoints for expected user actions and results.

What is difference between API controller and controller?

Can I use MVC controller as Web API?

Before I illustrate how an ASP.NET MVC controller can be used as an API or a service, let’s recap a few things: Web API controller implements actions that handle GET, POST, PUT and DELETE verbs. Web API framework automatically maps the incoming request to an action based on the incoming requests’ HTTP verb.

How do you call an API controller?

First of all, create MVC controller class called StudentController in the Controllers folder as shown below. Right click on the Controllers folder > Add.. > select Controller.. Step 2: We need to access Web API in the Index() action method using HttpClient as shown below.