How do I add an author widget in WordPress?

How do I add an author widget in WordPress?

To do this, simply go to Users » All Users in your WordPress admin panel. Then, hover over the user profile you want to change and click the ‘Edit’ link. This brings you to the profile edit screen. You’ll want to scroll down the page to the ‘Biographical Info’ section to add the author’s bio.

How do I show multiple authors in WordPress?

On the post edit screen, you will notice the new ‘Authors’ box just below the post editor. By default, it will show the original author of the post. You can add additional authors by entering their name in the search box below. The plugin will start showing users as you type.

How do I add an author to a WordPress blog?

Log in to WordPress Dashboard and go to All posts. Then click on the post whose author you want to change. On the right side of the screen, you’ll find an editing panel. Select the Document tab and there you’ll get an option named Author under the Status & Visibility heading.

How do I create a multi author blog in WordPress?

How to Set Up a Multi-Author WordPress Blog (In 4 Simple Steps)

  1. Step 1: Add new authors to your WordPress site.
  2. Step 2: Define your authors’ WordPress roles.
  3. Step 3: Create stylish author biographies.
  4. Step 4: Display a list of your authors.

Can you have multiple authors on a WordPress post?

By default, WordPress only allows one author per post. PublishPress Authors allows you to add an unlimited number of authors to each post. This is very useful if you have a busy site and need to manage and give credit to coauthors.

How to display author profile in WordPress widget?

Meks Smart Author Widget is a tiny helpful plugin capable of detecting the post authors automatically to display them in a WordPress widget. You can customize the avatar size and link the profile to the author’s page. You may also display the widget in any post or archive template.

How to add an author page to your WordPress blog?

Add some author-related features using a WordPress plugin and add others using code, be it PHP or CSS. Having a custom author page or an author box on your posts can help boost your blog popularity and bring readers and authors closer together. In this article, we tried to show you that there are several approaches you can take to make that happen.

How to add custom author profile pages to your website?

Your custom author profile pages are almost ready. Now we just need to let users easily find their profile pages on your website. Head over to Appearance » Widgets page and add [WPUM] Login Form widget to a sidebar. You can now visit your website to see the author profile page in action.

How to create a customized list of authors in WordPress?

You can create a customized list of authors by adding text, photos, and other details manually with any team showcase/member/user profile WordPress plugin. It will take more time, but usually, such plugins offer better design solutions.