How do I assign a personnel number in SAP HR?

How do I assign a personnel number in SAP HR?


  1. Choose Human Resources Personnel Management Administration HR Master Data Maintain.
  2. Enter a personnel number.
  3. In the Direct selection section, enter 0105 in the Infotype field, and 0001 in the Subtype (Sty) field.
  4. In the Communication section, enter the SAP user ID in the ID/number field. Result.

How do you create an employee number in SAP?

How to create employee in S/4HANA for Customer Management

  1. In SAP CRM On-Premises we simply use tcode BP in the backend to create employee.
  2. tcode PA30, select Infotype as Actions and press the creation button:
  3. In creation page, maintain the following settings:
  4. Press save button.
  5. Create Personal Data:

How do I find my employee number in SAP?

The SAP Standard BAPI to check if an employee number exists in SAP is BAPI_EMPLOYEE_CHECKEXISTENCE. It takes as input the PERNR (Employee Number) and the output will be a message.

What is SAP personal number?

A personnel number is an eight-digit field which is used to uniquely identify an employee in SAP. SAP personnel number is a key field in every single HR master table and hence, it seems only fair to dedicate a tutorial to this field and how it is assigned to an employee.

How do I find a personnel number in SAP?

SAP HCM has the transaction PA20 which display personnel data. Actually, the right name of transaction is: Display HR Master Data. Execute PA20. Look up the field you want.

How do you find a personnel number?

Your personnel/payroll number is listed on the detailed version of your payslip in Employee Self Service (ESS). To find this number: 1) Navigate to the Pay and Benefits section of ESS. 2) Select a payslip to open the simplified version of that payslip.

How do you find a personnel number in SAP?

Otherwise, to find the PERNR, you can simply query the system using for example the List of Employee (tcode PAR2). gregrobinette via sap-hr wrote: You will only find it if the user id is linked to the HR master data. this is done in infotype 0105.

How do I download a personal number in SAP?

To download personnel numbers from SAP, drag that instance of the Personnel Number field down and drop it in the column in the Excel preview pane where you want the Personnel Number to be displayed. Click the Save button above the Excel Preview pane to save the Excel template.

How do I find a personnel number?

Is a personnel number the same as a staff number?

For staff in North East and West it is your 8 digit personnel number. For staff in South it is your 7 digit personnel number. This can be found on your paper payslip and is also included in your welcome email when you register for online payslips.

How do you keep a number range in SAP HR?

Number range intervals for personnel numbers

  1. Click on “Change interval” to maintain number range interval or Click on Status button to check the existed number range interval.
  2. Click on “Insert Interval” button.
  3. In next screen, enter the following information,
  4. Click on Save icon to save the entries.