How do I check my Medi-Cal dental?

How do I check my Medi-Cal dental?

If you have any questions or need assistance finding a dental provider, call the Medi-Cal Dental Customer Service Line at (800) 322-6384, or visit Smile, California​.

What does Denti-Cal cover 2021?

Denti-Cal will only provide up to $1800 in covered services per year. Some services are not counted towards the cap, such as dentures, extractions, and emergency services. Your dental provider must check with Denti-Cal to find out if you have reached the $1800 cap before treating you. Appeals.

Is Denti-Cal the same as Medi-Cal?

California’s Medicaid program, Medi-Cal, currently offers dental services as one of the program’s many benefits. Medi-Cal Dental, also known as Denti-Cal, is the program that provides free or low-cost dental services to eligible children and adults.

Does Medi-cal cover dental crowns?

Medi-Cal covers or provides low cost services including; bi-annual dental exams and cleanings, x-rays, tooth removals, emergency services, fillings, fluoride treatments, orthodontics (for those who qualify), root canals, scaling and crowns.

Does Medicaid cover dental services for children?

Medicaid covers dental services for all child enrollees as part of a comprehensive set of benefits, referred to as the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) benefit. Though oral screening may be part of a physical exam, it does not substitute for a dental examination performed by a dentist.

Does Medi-Cal cover dental care?

​The Medi-Cal Dental Program covers a variety of dental services for Medi-Cal beneficiaries, such as: Diagnostic and preventive dental hygiene (e.g. examinations, x-rays, and teeth cleanings); Emergency services for pain control; Tooth extractions; Fillings; Root canal treatments (anterior/posterior);

How do I find a Medi-Cal dentist in California?

You can find a Medi-Cal dentist on the ​ Medi-Cal Dental Provider Referral List, or by calling 1-800-322-6384. In addition, Senate Bill 97 (Chapter 52, Statutes of 2017) fully restored adult optional dental benefits that were not restored in May 2014.

Where can I find more information about the Medi-Cal dental program?

More information is available on the DHCS Medi-Cal Dental Program website. Adult Dental benefits that will remain in place and do not change as a result of the 2014 or 2018 restorations: For beneficiaries who do not reside in an opt-in DMC-ODS county, the following Drug Medi-Cal benefits are available: