How do I enable Web Analytics Report in SharePoint 2013?

How do I enable Web Analytics Report in SharePoint 2013?

Web Analytics can be turned on a site collection by using the “Reporting” site collection feature….To do this:

  1. Go to site settings.
  2. Under Site collection administration.
  3. Go to site collection features.
  4. Activate the “Reporting” site collection feature.

How do I check site usage in SharePoint 2013?

In the site collection, on the Settings menu, click Site Settings. On the Site Settings page, in the Site Collection Administration section, click Popularity and Search Reports. On the View Usage Reports page, in the Usage Reports section, click Usage.

What is SharePoint web analytics service?

Usage analytics. Usage analytics is a set of analyses that receive information about user actions, or usage events, such as clicks or viewed items, on the SharePoint Server site. Usage analytics combines this information with information about crawled content from the Search analyses, and processes the information.

What analytics are available in SharePoint?

SharePoint Server creates two usage analytics reports:

  • Most Popular Items shows usage event statistics for all items in a library or list.
  • Popularity Trends shows usage event statistics for an item, a site, or a site collection.

Where do I find SharePoint Analytics?

To access it, click Gear Icon > Site Contents, then choose Site usage link. Once you click on the Site Usage, you will see all sorts of cool metrics about a site, like the number of recent site visits, number new items added, as well as trending content (most popular content).

Can you use Google Analytics on SharePoint?

Mainly targeted to public sites, Google Analytics can also be used to monitor your SharePoint or Office365 intranet. It will not only help you understand if employees are using the company intranet but also how they are using it and if anything needs to be improved.

How do I see site activity in SharePoint?

How do I get to the to the SharePoint activity report?

  1. In the admin center, go to the Reports > Usage page.
  2. From the dashboard homepage, click on the View more button on the SharePoint card.

How do I see SharePoint site visitors?

From the Microsoft 365 home page, click Admin center, and then click Usage. You can explore usage of email, files, OneDrive, and more.

How do I find SharePoint site analytics reports?

To access Site Collection Audit Logs, go to Site Settings (from the root of the site collection), then choose Site collection audit settings. Next, click on Audit log reports – you will see all the available reports to you.

How can I tell who accessed my SharePoint site?


  1. Open your SharePoint Site.
  2. Click on the gear icon at the top right.
  3. Select Site information (If Site Settings is also listed, click on Site Settings and skip to step 5)
  4. Click on View all site settings.
  5. Under the Site Actions heading, click on Manage site features.
  6. Scroll down until you find SharePoint Viewers.

How do I add Google Analytics to SharePoint 2013?

How to setup Google Analytics

  1. Sign in to your Analytics account.
  2. Select the Admin tab.
  3. Select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column, or CREATE NEW ACCOUNT if you don’t have one already.
  4. Select a property from the menu in the PROPERTY column.
  5. Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info Tracking Code.

How to create web application in SharePoint?

IIS Web Site:

  • Use an existing IIS web site: If you are using the existing web site.
  • Create a new IIS web site: If you want to go for a fresh web application,enter a web site name.
  • Port – Enter the port number for the new web application.
  • Host Header – This will allow you to give your site a Domain Name or a Host Name.
  • What can web analytics tell you?

    – what if we don’t have any numbers regarding anything? what can we do? – what if we don’t have any super charts or visuals to understand what is happening in this world? – What if we don’t have any data with us or any ledger or books-keeping like that? – Simple question – what if there is a no date of birth, can anyone measure their age?

    What is the best analytics tool for web applications?

    Google Analytics — Turning data insights into action.

  • SimilarWeb — SimilarWeb measures the digital world.
  • Clicky — Analyze traffic in real-time.
  • Matomo — Website analysis with 100% control.
  • Finteza — Advanced web analysis and evaluation.
  • Woopra — Understanding the customer journey.
  • Chartbeat — Data analysis platform for publishers.
  • Which web analytics conferences are best?

    – eMetrics SF and DC/NYC – Semphonic X Change – Omniture Summit – Webtrends Engage