How do I identify my Kohler toilet parts?

How do I identify my Kohler toilet parts?

The model number is located inside the tank, either molded into the china or stamped with blue or black ink. The model number consists of four or five digits and may include a K prefix.

How do I find the model number of my Kohler toilet?

KOHLER plastic toilet seats have a KOHLER logo molded into the bottom of the toilet seat ring. As of October 2019, most KOHLER plastic toilet seats have the model number and color code printed on the underside of the toilet seat hinge. The seat must be removed from the toilet to view the model number.

How do I find my toilet tank lid model number?

Where can I find the model number of my toilet? Carefully remove your tank lid, and place it gently on the floor. You’ll notice a four-digit number located on the back of the tank, near the water level mark. This is your tank model number.

What are the parts called in a toilet tank?

On a gravity-fed toilet the tank houses the fill valve (frequently called a “ballcock”), the flush valve (usually including an overflow tube with a flapper and flapper seat) and the flush or trip lever. These parts are called “trim.”

Are Kohler toilet tanks interchangeable?

It is unlikely that tanks will be interchangeable if you replace a toilet tank with one from a different manufacturer. Problems with mismatched tanks and bowls include hardware not lining up and poor balance on the bowl. Even if the bolts line up, the new tank may leak or be wobbly.

What type of toilet do I have?

Finding your toilet manufacturer and/or model number: Carefully remove the toilet tank lid and set it gently on the floor, with the bottom facing up. Look for the manufacturer name or a number on the bottom side of the water tank lid.

How do you replace a fill valve on a toilet?

The valve nut locks the toilet valve body into the toilet tank….Remove Old Fill Valve

  1. Using adjustable pliers or adjustable wrench, remove the valve nut.
  2. Remove and lift the fill valve from the tank.
  3. Wipe down the tank with a micro-fiber cloth to remove and remaining water, debris, or stains.

How do you fix a broken toilet tank?

Fixing a Cracked Toilet Tank

  1. Turn off the water.
  2. Dry the inside of the tank.
  3. Apply silicone plumbing epoxy to cracked area.
  4. Smooth the sealer out.
  5. Allow the silicone epoxy to dry.
  6. Refill the tank with water.