How do I manage my WatchGuard firewall?

How do I manage my WatchGuard firewall?

To modify the WatchGuard policy, from Fireware Web UI:

  1. Select Firewall > Firewall Policies.
  2. Click the WatchGuard policy. Or, select the WatchGuard policy and from the Action drop-down list, select Edit Policy. The Firewall Policies/Edit page appears.

How do you set up a WatchGuard Firebox?

Prepare to Install Your Firebox

  1. Verify the basic components for your Firebox.
  2. Activate your Firebox.
  3. Record network address information.
  4. Select a network configuration mode.
  5. Select a location to install your servers.
  6. Select a Firebox setup wizard.

How do I connect to my WatchGuard firewall?

Connect to a Device with WatchGuard System Manager

  1. Start WatchGuard System Manager.
  2. Click . Or, select File > Connect to Device. Or, right-click anywhere on the WSM Device Status tab and select Connect To > Device. The Connect to Firebox dialog box appears.

How do I create a policy to open ports to specific IP addresses WatchGuard?

Add a Firewall Policy

  1. Select Firewall > Firewall Policies. The Policies page you selected appears.
  2. Click Add Policy.
  3. Select a policy type: Packet Filter.
  4. For a packet filter, from the adjacent drop-down list, select a policy template.
  5. Click Add Policy.

How do I enable SSH on WatchGuard?

To add an SSH host to the Access Portal, from Fireware Web UI:

  1. Click Add and select Host Shell Access (SSH).
  2. In the Name text box, type a name for the SSH connection.
  3. In the Description text box, type a description of the SSH connection.
  4. To select a custom icon for the application, select Custom Icon > Choose File.

What is a WatchGuard Firebox?

Your Firebox is a powerful network security device that controls all traffic between the external network and the trusted network. If computers with mixed trust connect to your network, you can also configure an optional network interface that is separate from the trusted network.

How do I access Firebox System Manager?

You can use Firebox System Manager (FSM) to view the status of your connected Firebox….Start Firebox System Manager

  1. From WatchGuard System Manager, select the Device Status tab.
  2. Select the Firebox to examine with Firebox System Manager.
  3. Click . Or, select Tools > Firebox System Manager. Firebox System Manager appears.

How do I allow ports in Watchguard firewall?

To apply a policy to traffic from specific source ports, in Fireware Web UI:

  1. Select Firewall > Firewall Policies.
  2. In the Policy Name column, click the name of the policy to edit.
  3. Select the Advanced tab.
  4. On the Source Port tab, select Apply this policy to traffic from only the specified source ports.

How do you whitelist IP address in watchguard?

Select Firewall > Blocked Sites. Select the Blocked Sites Exceptions tab….Add a Blocked Sites Exception

  1. Click Add.
  2. From the Choose Type drop-down list, select a method to identify the blocked site exception.
  3. In the adjacent text box, type the IP address, network IP address, host range, host name, or FQDN.

What is WatchGuard application control?

WATCHGUARD APPLICATION CONTROL IS A FULLY INTEGRATED SECURITY SUBSCRIPTION FOR ALL WATCHGUARD XTM APPLIANCES. It enables IT administrators to monitor and control access to web and business applications to enforce policy, and protect productivity and network bandwidth.

How do I connect to a managed firebox using WatchGuard?

To connect to a managed Firebox, you must be able to reach the managed Firebox from your local computer on TCP ports 4105, 4117, and 4118. For more information about the gateway Firebox, see About the Gateway Firebox. Select Firewall > Firewall Policies. The Firewall policies page appears. Double-click the WatchGuard policy to open it.

How to import logs from WatchGuard to firewall analyzer?

For 8.x version, the XML log file format can be imported by Firewall Analyzer. For analysing native logs, the configuration is straight forward, you just need to forward the native logs from WatchGuard to the syslog listener ports of Firewall Analyzer.

How do I configure WatchGuard to connect to a host IP?

The Policy Configuration page for the WatchGuard policy appears. In the Connections are drop-down list, make sure Allowed is selected. In the From section, click Add. The Add Member dialog box appears. In the Member Type drop-down list, select Host IP.

What is the WatchGuard System Manager application?

The WatchGuard System Manager application is a tool that provides management and configuration without the need for both WatchGuard Firewall device setup and Firewall management Web Portal. You can download the Watchguard System Manager application through official website of WatchGuard.