How do I talk to someone at RushCard?

How do I talk to someone at RushCard?

CONTACT US: WEB Existing Customers: Log into your RushCard Mobile App or log into your online account and click ‘Help’ in the main menu. Prospective Customers: Visit us here and click ‘Help’ at the bottom of the page.

What is the customer service number for RushCard?

(866) 787-4227UniRush / Customer service

What is RushCard live?

RushCard Live, available only at retail, offers attractive features, including: early payroll direct deposit, which enables customers to receive their direct-deposited paycheck up to two days before payday; pass-through FDIC insurance coverage up to the applicable limits; and a choice of usage plans.

How do I transfer money from my RushCard to my bank account?

How Can I Transfer Money From My Rushcard? You can transfer funds online from your bank account by logging into the website of your bank and following the instructions. You will receive your money within 3 days, but your bank may charge you a fee for this service.

How do I dispute a RushCard transaction?

How it works

  1. Open the rushcard dispute and follow the instructions.
  2. Easily sign the documents update rc rushcard com with your finger.
  3. Send filled & signed rushcard complaints or save.

Does Russell Simmons still own RushCard?

Simmons, one of the founders of record label Def Jam Recordings, co-founded RushCard in 2003 and maintained an ownership stake until the sale to Green Dot. He has not been involved with the company or Green Dot since the acquisition was finalized in February, a Green Dot spokesman said.

Can you transfer money from a RushCard to another card?

With Card-To-Card Transfers, you can send money to anyone with a RushCard or transfer money between your own cards for a fraction of the cost of wiring. And they’re done in just 15 minutes!

How long does MetaBank take to deposit?

Your funds will be deposited into your debit card in thirty minutes, or bank account within 2-3 business days.

What is the phone number for MetaBank?

866.550.6382MetaBank / Customer service

How can I contact Rush card customer service?

21d ago “Have not gotten my card yet”

  • 1M ago “Did not receive my direct deposit”
  • 2M ago “I need to get my car registered and get the balance on my account”
  • How to activate your RushCard?

    RushCard Activate by Phone. Call the number on the sticker that’s on your card when you receive it. Advertisement. RushCard’s card-activation instructional video directs you to call 800-247-4109 as the first part of a two-step process. After you connect, you’ll be prompted to create a four-digit personal activation number (PIN).

    How to create an online RushCard account?

    manage your money from wherever you are.with a prepaid visa rush card online.account at the same time you’re.activating your card you can set up account from your computer go to account rush card comm account log in and then sign enter your 16 digit rush card number.and three digit cvv found in the …

    How to add a check to a RushCard?

    – When you first set up direct deposit, you may have to wait for 2 pay cycles for the changes to kick in. – The app icon looks like a bunch of white dots on a black background that you can find on one of your Home screens, in the app drawer, or by – Make sure you login.