How do I transport my Rega turntable?

How do I transport my Rega turntable?

Remove platter, turntable mat, dust cover, cartridge and wrap up the loose cords outback with some rubber bands, zipties, or twist ties. Place the platter with its mat into the round cutout in the large cardboard sleeve. Close the top cardboard leaf and tape three open sides so that nothing can slide out.

How do you transport a turntable in a car?

Label and Put Into a Secure Box Pack the heaviest pieces first, so start with the platter, the turntable and then the dust cover. Put layers of foam in between each piece so they don’t touch. Fill all spaces with bubble wrap or packing materials to make sure they cannot move at all.

Can you take a record player as a carry on?

You can take vinyl records on a plane. Vinyl records are a TSA-permitted item for flying, and you can pack them as either carry-on or hold luggage, as long as you obey the dimension and weight restriction policy of the individual airline with which you are travelling.

What are the specifications of a Rega RP-1 record player?

Rega RP-1 record player Specifications. Rega RP-1 Performance Pack: Upgrade kit for Rega RP-1 comprising new drive belt & platter mat, new Rega Bias 2 moving-magnet cartridge: recommended downforce, 1.75gm; output, 6.8mV. Dimensions: 17.5″ (450mm) W by ca 4.5″ (115mm) H (including dustcover) by 15″ (385mm) D. Weight: 9.2 lbs (4.2kg).

What makes our RP1 turntable-RP1 cool gray special?

Rega – RP1 Turntable (Cool Gray) 1 Hand-assembled Rega RB101 tonearm 2 Precision main bearing and sub-platter assembly 3 High quailty, low vibration motor 4 Phenolic resin flywheel effect platter improves speed stability 5 Rega Carbon moving magnet cartridge

Which Rega turntable is the best?

This a best option for quality turntable, good contruction and really well packed, this rega RP1 is made in england and now received with rega stylus. Am really happy with this purchase. Pro, best quality for this price

What makes the new Rega RP1 platter so special?

For the first time since the introduction of Rega’s flagship P9 turntable, Rega is making a big deal out of their platter technology. Created from phenolic resin and made specifically for the RP1, this new platter improves speed stability, lowers the resonant frequency of the table and helps eliminate vibration.