How do you calculate Sata?

How do you calculate Sata?

On the left in the device selection panel go to the Motherboard section. The right side of the window will show which SATA ports are available. If 6 Gb / s is written near the port, it means that it is SATA 3 standard. If 3 Gb /s is written near the port, it means that it is SATA 2 standard.

What is spatial peak intensity ultrasound?

• Spatial peak intensity (ISP) – is the highest intensity and is found at the center of the beam. • Spatial average intensity (ISA) – is the average intensity across the beam and takes account of the variation across the width of the beam. Fig. 12.3 Demonstrating the variation of intensity across an ultrasound beam.

What is Spta intensity?

SPTA is the measurement of intensity averaged over one complete pulse repetition period while being measured in the focal zone of the sound beam. 4. SATP is the maximum intensity found within the pulse averaged over the entire area of the sound beam.

How is ultrasound intensity calculated?

The intensity reflection coefficient for any boundary between two media is given by a=(Z2−Z1)2(Z1+Z2)2, a = ( Z 2 − Z 1 ) 2 ( Z 1 + Z 2 ) 2 , and the acoustic impedance of muscle is given in Table 5.

What is the spatial average intensity?

The measure of power per unit area of ultrasound application, expressed in watts per square centimeter (w/cm2). The spatial average intensity is calculated by dividing the ultrasonic output, expressed in watts, by the effective radiating area of the sound head (e.g., 20 watts/10 cm2 sound head = 2.0 w/cm2 SAI).

What is spatial peak temporal average intensity?

The spatial peak – temporal average intensity (ISPTA = ISATA x ISP/ISA), is the maximum intensity in the beam (ISP) averaged over the pulse repetition period. ISPTA is the best measure of the amount of heat delivered to a tissue by ultrasound.

How is physics used in ultrasound?

Sound travels as a mechanical longitudinal wave in which back-and-forth particle motion is parallel to the direction of wave travel. Ultrasound is high-frequency sound and refers to mechanical vibrations above 20 kHz.

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