How do you get an autographed basketball authenticated?

How do you get an autographed basketball authenticated?

In order to have the autograph authenticated, you must fill out a separate PSA/DNA Authentication submission form, in addition to your Professional Model Bat submission form. Both submission forms must accompany the item.

How much does it cost to get a basketball authenticated?

The authentication fee for a multi-signed item (2-49 signatures), with a Premier Autograph that has an authentication fee of $150 or higher, remains the same as the single-signed Premier Autograph rate. Letter Upgrade: Upgrades to full Letters of Authenticity are available for an additional fee of $20.

How do I verify an autograph?

Verification. The certified autograph can be verified using our online database and typing in the 6-digit alphanumeric certification found on either the label on the item, or the COA/LOA.

Is Schwartz authentication legit?

Yes Schwartz is legit.

Who is the most trusted autograph authentication?

PSA. Professionals Sports Authenticator or PSA is the most trusted company that authenticates an array of signatures. Every autograph is examined by three or more PSA or DNA autograph experts, and representatives witness each item being signed.

How do I get my sports memorabilia authentication?

Collectors and auction houses usually turn to third party specialists to certify authenticity. There are at least a dozen firms that provide this service and among them is PSA Authentication & Grading Services, which authenticates/grades trading cards, tickets, autographs, photos, bats and more.

How do you authenticate sports memorabilia?

What is the largest Autograph Authentication Service?

Autograph Authentication & Grading Services PSA is the largest and most trusted autograph authentication service in the world. With over 35 million collectibles certified, PSA authenticates a vast array of signatures, ranging from sports to history and entertainment.

How can I verify a certified autograph?

The document contains the same alphanumeric serial number to match the label on the item. The certified autograph can be verified publicly using our online Certification Verification webpage or mobile application. PSA is the world’s leading third-party authentication service for autographs and memorabilia.

What is PSA autograph authentication?

Autograph Authentication. PSA/DNA is the world’s leading third-party authentication service for autographs and authenticates signatures from the worlds of sports, history and entertainment. Our experts have a diverse knowledge base that is complemented by proprietary methods and technology to form the following four-step authentication process.

How do I order autographs from Beckett?

Orders for autograph authentication can be mailed to the Beckett office: Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) 4635 McEwen Rd., Dallas, TX 75244. Be sure to check out our packing guide to learn how to keep your items safe during shipment.