How do you get Fodder in animal parade?

How do you get Fodder in animal parade?

Feeding your livestock animals is by buying Fodder from Horn Ranch (20 G each) or by planting Grass Seeds (20 G each at Marimba Farm) in the fields on your farm. Once full grown, the pasture grass can be left as-is for your animals to graze on when outdoors.

How do you get livestock in Harvest Moon Light?

For cows, sheep, and donkeys, you’ll have to buy a Miracle Potion from Sofia’s shop for 8000 G. The pregnant livestock animal will sit in one of the wall stalls and cannot be fed or moved outside. It will give birth after 7 days.

Can you marry the Harvest Goddess in animal parade?

The Harvest Goddess (女神, めがみ?, Megami-sama) is a character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. She is also one of the special marriage candidates. Although you will meet the Harvest Goddess near the beginning of the game, she will not be available as a marriage candidate until you complete the game’s main storyline.

How long does it take for a calf to grow up in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade?

15 days
It takes 14 days for a pregnant cow to give birth and another 15 days for a calf to mature into an adult.

Where is the giraffe in Harvest Moon animal Parade?

Harmonica Town
Eunice the Girrafe The first animal you need to find is Eunice the giraffe. Theodore feels that she is somewhere near, but by something tall. Head down to the lighthouse in Harmonica Town and blow your Animal Whistle. The shy creature will pop her head out from behind the building.

How do you upgrade your house in Harvest Moon animal Parade?

All house upgrades come from Dale the carpenter. He will require you to supply the necessary money, Lumber, and Material Stone for the house enlargements. You can get Lumber from chopping the trees in Fugue Forest with your Axe.

Where is Sofia’s livestock?

Sofia’s Livestock is available after Sofia and her two sons, Gabriel and Michael move into town. She is located within the barn on the farm. She sells livestock and pets.

Who is the livestock dealer in Harvest Moon?

Appearances. The Livestock Dealer is a character in Harvest Moon. Owner of the Animal Shop, he is Ellen’s Uncle. It is never stated which of Ellen’s parents is his sibling.

How do you summon the Harvest King?

Climb to the top of the Upper Garmon Mine. The mine is 45 floors total, and you can only meet the King before 5pm. If you’ve met the requirements, the sprites will be there waiting for you and ring all 5 of their bells in perfect unison to summon the Harvest King.

How do you get a horse in animal Parade?

Accepted Answer you can buy the horse from Horn Ranch ONLY after you ship 30,000 G worth of animal products it will cost 2,000 G.

Where is the elephant in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Trunks the Elephant Theodore believes the large fellow is somewhere near a forest. Blow your whistle when you are near the entrance of Fugue Forest and you’ll find the packaderm.

Is there an animal parade for Harvest Moon fans?

In Japan, the game is called Bokujou Monogatari: Wakuwaku Animal March (牧場物語わくわくアニマルマーチ) and was released on October 31, 2008. For Harvest Moon fans who live outside of North America (Europe and Australia) Rising Star Games has teamed up with Namco Bandi and will be releaseing Animal Parade in November 2010.

How do I get to Kaval and Fugue forest?

Flute Fields is just to the east of your farm land. The path south of your farm will take you there. Kaval is a wide area where the Horn Ranch and Marimba Farm exist. The entrance to Fugue Forest is here, as well as the Windmill and Waterwheel. The shops in Flute Fields are closed on Wednesdays and festival days.

Is there a Wii Remote for Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is the second Harvest Moon game for the Wii console system. Animal Parade is similar to the first Wii game, Tree of Tranquility, and has several upgrades from the previous version. This version does not utilize the Wii-remote’s functionality like in Tree of Tranquility, where players would have to swing…

Are there any festivals in animal parade?

There are, unfortunately, only a few festivals per season in Animal Parade. Theodore’s Circus is considered to be a seasonal event, which leaves only a few non-circus gatherings to attend.