How do you get to Sharks Cove?

How do you get to Sharks Cove?

Sharks Cove is northeast of Waimea Bay on Hwy 83 about a mile. Heading northeast, there is a Foodland grocery store on the right just before you will see Sharks Cove on the left. Sharks Cove is a little over two miles southwest of Sunset Beach.

Is Sharks Cove free?

Unlike Hanauma Bay that tends to get busy most days with up to 3000 visitors, Sharks Cove is a great alternative with far less crowds, clearer waters, an abundance of fish to see, and is also a free Oahu attraction.

Where can I dive in Sharks Cove?

Three Tables Beach is right next to the cove. There are also a lot of delicious food trucks across the street that the family can hang out at. This spot is only safe to dive during the summer months. High/dangerous surf conditions are present during the winter months.

What is Sharks Cove known for?

Sharks Cove has been rated by Scuba Diving Magazine as one of the “Top Twelve Shore Dives in the World”. Located on Oahu’s world famous North Shore, this small rocky bay forms part of Pupukea Beach Park and boasts blue water and an impressive amount of sea life.

What time should I get to Sharks Cove?

Sharks Cove is located between the Waimea Bay and the Banzai Pipeline. October through April is considered Hawaii’s surf season. Waves peak between December and February, so the summer months are the best time to snorkel Sharks Cove.

Can you swim in Sharks Cove?

Snorkeling at Shark’s Cove Shark’s Cove consists of a rocky shoreline, so water shoes come highly recommended to protect your feet. Once you are in the water, swim around and explore the area.

Does Sharks Cove have showers?

There are restrooms and shower facilities near the parking lot. The beach area is small but most people hang out in the water. Shark’s Cove has a large rock wall that blocks the big ocean waves and has shallow pools perfect for snorkeling. The beach and snorkel pools are very rocky, make sure to wear water shoes.

Why is it called shark Cove?

This cove got its name from a popular story that says that the outline of a reef outside the cove looks like a shark when seen from above. Shark’s Cove is a lava-rock beach on the North Shore of Oahu and is part of Pupukea Beach Park.

Does shark’s Cove have high surf in the winter?

The North Shore is known for its high surf during the winter months at beaches like Waimea Bay, and although Shark’s Cove is an enclosed lagoon, this can impact the waters of Shark’s Cove because the waves can be that strong. So be sure to use your wisdom! Sometimes it can be obvious, other times it may not be so obvious.

Where are the best North Shore beaches on Oahu?

Shark’s Cove can make a good starting point for your North Shore adventures on Oahu, whether it’s winter or summer. If you make a trip to the area, you’ll likely want to have a list of beaches to make a part of your North Shore tour!

How to get from Waikiki to North Shore Oahu?

Because Oahu has a bus system that circles the island, it is possible to reach the North Shore by bus, but it will take extra time. Also consider that the bus in the North Shore usually comes around once an hour, so you’ll also want to plan your time well if you’re taking the bus from Waikiki to the North Shore.

What to do on the north shore of Oahu?

It’s known as the largest heiau on Oahu, and it’s located right by Shark’s Cove. You’ll drive up a road to get there, which means that when you reach the temple grounds, you’ll get sweeping views overlooking the North Shore coast. So this is another activity that you’ll get a chance to see some amazing views of North Shore beaches.