How do you start off a good body paragraph?

How do you start off a good body paragraph?

Each body paragraph should begin with a strong succinct topic sentence (10-15 words). The topic sentence must be followed by supporting evidence (2-3 sentences). Most importantly, you must conclude each body paragraph with introspection (2-3 sentences).

What should you never say to yourself?

15 Things Not To Say About Yourself“I wish I didn’t have such bad luck.” “It’s too late for me, so why bother?” “But what will they think about me?” “I’m so stupid.” “No one will ever love me.” “I can’t do it.” “I don’t think ______ likes me because they didn’t answer my text/call/e-mail.” “Life isn’t fair.

What mental illness is talking to yourself?

Strange, outlandish or paranoid beliefs and thoughts are common. People with schizotypal personality disorder have difficulties forming relationships and experience extreme anxiety in social situations. They may react inappropriately or not react at all during a conversation or they may talk to themselves.