How do you teach self reflection?

How do you teach self reflection?

Said simply, you can teach students to self-reflect by asking them the right questions. As a teacher, you know that there is often a difference between the students’ perceptions of their ability, and the reality of the situation, so teachers have to guide students through reflection carefully at first.

What are reflective activities?

In many cases, reflective activities are described as the connection between theory and action. This type of activity is especially useful in scenarios where students are required to reflect on past learning, consider real-world implications, and let this reflection guide future actions and activities.

How do you engage in reflection?

Writing is one of the most frequently cited methods to stimulate reflection. You can keep a diary in which you make entries and track your experiences over time. You can engage in written reflection before and after significant events occur, such as taking on a new job or starting a relationship.