How do you write century?

How do you write century?

Should You Write Centuries As Word or Numerals? We can write centuries as either words or numerals (e.g. ‘eighteenth century’ or ’18th century’).

Do you hyphenate 19th century?

twenty-first century the eighth and ninth centuries from the ninth to the eleventh century the eighteen hundreds (the nineteenth century)hyphens may not be necessary. The expressions late nineteenth-century literature and early twentieth…

How do you write 18th century?

In the mideighteenth century [use an en dash] the practice flourished. In early- and mid-eighteenth-century salons the practice flourished. Or you might decide to leave open a mid compound you would otherwise hyphenate.

How do you write an 18th century essay?

Write years and decades in numeral form. Something might take place in 2005 or in the 1990s (decades do not use an apostrophe before the “s”). Centuries can be spelled out (“fifteenth century”) or written in numeral form (“18th century”).

How do you write 21st century in AP style?

For centuries, spell out and use lowercase for first through ninth. All others use an Arabic number with the appropriate ending, such as 10th and 20th. The word century is always lowercase unless it’s part of a proper name, as in 20th Century Fox.

How do you write numbers in thousands?

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