How does philosophy of education affects the teaching/learning process?

How does philosophy of education affects the teaching/learning process?

By learning philosophy, a teacher would be able to view and analyze from the perspective of their students. Apart from understanding why students are behaving in a particular way, teachers would also be able to know how students perceive their actions. Just as if it helps students, it helps them as well.

How does philosophy influence the curriculum?

Philosophy probably has more influence on curriculum access and development in that it provides educationists, teachers and curriculum makers with framework for planning implementation and evaluating curriculum in school. Progressivism – The curriculum is focused on students’ interest human problems and affairs.

What is the role of philosophy in the society?

Philosophy forms the worldview of people, as it largely determines their behavior and approaches to decision-making in particular problem. Philosophy plays a significant role in solving global problems. Its main function is to form a world view, also have an indirect influence on the development of practical solutions.

What is the relationship between philosophy and curriculum?

Philosophy determines the goal of life and education tries to achieve the goal Curriculum is positively correlated with the needs and requirements of the society.

What is the relationship between philosophy of teaching and teaching styles?

Educational philosophies and teaching styles are two aspects of adult learning that influence the teaching-learning transaction in colleges and universities. The educational philosophy can inform the educator with strategies and methods for implementing adult learning principles.

What is the relationship of philosophy to teaching and learning?

Philosophy is in reality the theory of education. In other words, education is the dynamic side of philosophy, or application of the fundamental principles of philosophy. Philosophy formulates the method, education its process. Philosophy gives ideals, values and principles, those ideals, values and principles.

What is the main function of philosophy of education?

Philosophy of education provides the educational planners, administrators and educators with the right vision which guides them to attain the educational goals efficiently. It is very much useful to educational practitioner for his work and its place in the general scheme of life.