How does the mule symbolize Janie?

How does the mule symbolize Janie?

The mule story serves to illustrate the strained relationship between Janie and Joe Starks. More than that, however, the figure of the mule can refer not only to Janie herself but to any black woman struggling for independence. De nigger woman is de mule of de world so fur as Ah can see.

What do Janie and the mule have in common?

The Mule symbolizes Janie’s life with Logan Killicks and then her life with Joe Starks. SHe’s worked like a mule in both their lives. A repeating symbol in the story is Janie finding true love, a bee to her blossom. Janie the main character in the story was meant to be someone who sat on a porch and look pretty.

Why does Jody buy the mule?

Unbeknownst to her, Jody is standing nearby and hears her complaint. He buys the mule for five dollars so that the poor beast can rest for once in his life. Everyone considers Jody’s liberation of the mule very noble, comparing it to Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation of northern slaves.

How does Janie feel about Joe?

I god, Ah aint even started good (54) Janie feels Joe is too consumed in work to spend time with her and is consequently unhappy. Because Joe aimed tuh be uh big voice (54), he ignores and neglects Janie, which makes her unhappy. Joe’s value of leadership over Janie thus helps to corrode their relationship.

What attracts Janie to Joe?

Joe Starks Timeline and Summary. Joe Starks walks into Janie’s life at an opportune time. She is regretting her marriage to Logan Killicks and hankering to explore the world outside her gate. Janie is immediately attracted to Joe and makes a show of pumping water to offer him a cool drink.

What does Joe Starks symbolize?

Joe Stark symbolizes freedom and carefree living. When Janie first meets Joe she thinks that marrying him would result in her having a very easy and layed back life because he makes her believe that he would do all the work while she relaxes on the porch.

Why did Joe want Janie dressed up?

For the grand opening of the store, Joe wants Janie on display. He wants to make sure that she always looks better than all of the customers, too.

Why did Janie come back to town?

Janie comes back into town after burying her husband, Tea Cake. “the sun was gone but he had left his footprints in the sky” .

What did Janie tell Phoebe she learned on her journey?

In her journey through life, Janie has learned two important lessons: People must “go tuh God,” and they must “find out about livin’ fuh theyselves.” Finally, Janie realizes that as long as she lives, the memory of Tea Cake will live within her heart.

What does Janie realize about her marriage to Logan?

She learned from her marriage to Logan Killicks that she could not learn to love someone. After her marriage to Jody Starks, Janie realized that equality is important within a marriage. When Janie married Tea Cake, she realized true love could be found.

What is Killicks nickname for Janie?

Consequently, Janie refers to her husband as “Mist’ Killicks” while he refers to her as “LilBit.” The author uses these nicknames to emphasize the lack of respect they have for one another. Logan continuously acts as if he is superior to his spouse, causing Janie to become angered.

How does Janie feel about her husband?

How does Janie feel about her husband? She doesn’t like the the shape of his head or the fact that he has a big belly. She also hates stirring up his smell when in bed. Janie should give the marriage time and while doing so not to let Logan wait on her hand and foot.

Why is Janie unhappy with Logan?

Though Janie is obviously unhappy with Logan, she has a few reasons keeping her from just ditching him for Joe. First of all, Nanny wanted her to marry Logan. Secondly, it’s nice that Joe would bring a new, unimaginable kind of life, but she also doesn’t imagine having pear tree blossom love with him, either.

Why does Logan want an extra mule?

Why does Logan want an extra mule? He wants to have a large potato crop, and expects Janie to help him plow with one of the mules.

What is that Janie doesn’t like about Logan?

What is one reason Janie doesn’t like Logan Killicks? He won’t wash his feet before bed. He lives too far away from Nanny. He is too nice to Janie.

What does Janie call Logan?


Where did Janie live with Logan?