How hard is it to get a job with Doctors Without Borders?

How hard is it to get a job with Doctors Without Borders?

Even if you decide this is the job for you, it won’t be easy to get in. Thousands of eager, hopeful docs apply to MSF every year, but only a select few are chosen, mainly because this is an incredibly demanding job and very few have the skills, temperament, and overall ability to handle it.

Do you make money in Doctors Without Borders?

Terms of employment Fieldworker salaries are set so as to reflect the humanitarian spirit of volunteerism while recognizing the high level of professional expertise provided by field staff. Starting gross monthly salary is $2,039, with subsequent increases based on expertise and experience.

Can medical students work with Doctors Without Borders?

The Doctors Without Borders website has great information on how new doctors can make a difference and hone their clinical skills. Because of extensive staff workloads, Doctors Without Borders does not recruit medical students.

What countries does Doctors Without Borders work in?

MSF provides medical humanitarian assistance in more than 70 countries around the world.

  • Africa. Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Democratic Republic Of Congo Eswatini Ethiopia Guinea.
  • Asia & Pacific.
  • Middle East & North Africa.
  • Europe & Central Asia.
  • The Americas.

What kind of doctors do Doctors Without Borders?

Clinical experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Public Health.
  • Obstetrics/Gynaecology.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Nutrition.
  • Emergency Medicine.
  • Infectious Diseases.
  • ICU or Minor Surgery.

How do you join Doctors Without Borders?

– Public Health – Obstetrics/Gynaecology – Pediatrics – Nutrition – Emergency Medicine, – Infectious Diseases – ICU or Minor Surgery

How to join Doctors Without Borders?

Compliance with Essential Requirements for all potential candidates

  • Commitment to work in the field for a minimum of 9 to 12 month assignments
  • Appropriate diploma,degree (RN (BSN/ASN) or NP – we do not accept LPNs),and current valid license
  • Professional experience in a developing country or humanitarian context
  • What is the purpose of Doctors Without Borders?

    Provide Medical Assistance. As the majority of MSF’s workforce are doctors,nurses,surgeons,and other members of the medical industry,it would seem obvious that Doctors Without Borders’ main goals

  • Improve Quality of Health.
  • Witness and Speak Out.
  • Is Doctors Without Borders a good charity?

    Is Doctors Without Borders a good charity? A nonprofit organization whose mission is to save lives is one of the best charities you can give to. Ranked highly by independent watchdogs such as Charity Navigator, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides lifesaving medical care where it’s needed most.