How hard is the hike to Mooney Falls?

How hard is the hike to Mooney Falls?

The hike to Mooney Falls is a relative short hike, ranging anywhere from 3/4 of a mile to a few hundred feet depending on where in the campground you make camp. The northwest end of the campground is precisely where you will find the trail down to Mooney Falls.

How tall is Mooney Falls in the Grand Canyon?

200 feet
Mooney Falls is the tallest of Havasupai’s waterfalls at just under 200 feet. Situated about one mile from Havasu Falls, it marks the end of the Havasupai Campground. The waterfall was named for D.W. “James” Mooney who, in 1882, plummeted to his death over the side of the falls.

How hard is it to hike to Supai?

It is a challenging hike, especially if you are choosing to carry your own pack but it’s worth it. I’m pretty athletic but I was sore when we finally got to the campsite. Day hikes were much better but still, very rocky and sandy terrain, some dangerous paths along the canyon but so cool!

Can you swim in Mooney Falls?

mooney falls is also good for swimming yet the water is colder due to the shade. village has a small grocery store and there is a cafe for simple meals. bring a good pair of water shoes if you plan to walk down to the colorado river , since you will be crossing the river constantly.

Do you need a permit for Mooney Falls?

Navajo Falls is just past the Supai Village to the left, Mooney Falls is about another half-mile hike from the campgrounds, and Beaver Falls is around 3.5 miles one way. No day hiking is allowed. Every hiker needs to have a campground permit.

Do you need a permit to go to Mooney Falls?

Can you visit Supai AZ?

The Havasupai Reservation and Supai Village remain on lockdown and are CLOSED TO ALL TOURISTS. Please do not travel to the Havasupai Reservation or Supai Village. All tourists are prohibited from entering.

How do you get to Supai AZ?

The best way to reach Havasupai is from Highway 66, six miles east of Peach Springs, onto Indian Route 18, a 64 mile road to Hualapai Hilltop. From the Hilltop parking lot there is an eight mile trail to Supai Village. This trail may be traveled either by foot or horse.

How much does it cost to hike into Havasupai?

The entrance fee will be $50 per person, up from $35. The camping fee will be $25 per person per night, up from $17, and the environment fee is doubling to $10 per person. Taxes are additional. All visitors pay the entrance fee, whether they are camping or staying at Havasupai Lodge.

How tall is Mooney Falls in Arizona?

At a towering 200 feet tall, not only is this waterfall scenic, but getting to the idyllic pool at its base is an adventure unto itself, requiring you to use chains and ladders to hike down through the old mining route tunnels in the cliff face. Hiking down to Mooney Falls is a great, short adventure when camping at the Havasupai Campground.

How long is Mooney Falls hike from Supai?

Mooney Falls from Supai is a 5.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Supai, Arizona that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is accessible year-round.

What is the tallest waterfall in Havasupai?

Mooney Falls is the tallest of the Havasupai Reservation waterfalls. It’s said to plunge some 190ft in a tall singular column amongst some ominous-looking travertine stalactites. Unlike Havasu Falls, this waterfall was a little harder to access and view given its somewhat enclosed position.

Is Mooney Falls better than Havasu Falls?

Mooney Falls is more beautiful than Havasu Falls; but the “ladder” is dangerous. I saw others turn around and choose not to descend after seeing the ladder. I’m not afraid of heights. On the ladder, you must have 3 contact points at all times.