How many developers are working on Project Zomboid?

How many developers are working on Project Zomboid?

Where Was Project Zomboid Created? four people working together at independent studios in the UK and Canada in order to build a zombie survival game that they thought fans would enjoy.

How big is the Project Zomboid team?

Currently, Project Zomboid only supports 16 players but will be expanded to 32, with The Indie Stone saying that “ambitions are much higher than 32.”

Is The Indie Stone hiring?

Currently The Indie Stone is not hiring entry-level coders, designers, writers or artists for Project Zomboid.

Why Project Zomboid is so popular?

It’s not just its newfound multiplayer simplicity, the combat has improved tenfold, and that helps better expose the immense depth Zomboid has to offer. Project Zomboid has always had some degree of popularity among streamers, with its multiplayer survival mechanics being an especially good fit for roleplaying fun.

Why is Project Zomboid popular again?

What is a Spiffo?

Spiffo feeling a little bit stupid.

What is the best occupation to give your character in Project Zomboid?

Paradoxical as it may sound, one of the best occupations to give your character in Project Zomboid is none at all. As an unemployed member of society, your character is pretty much a blank slate. You can do whatever you want with them and the eight skill points you’re free to spend from the get-go.

Did you know Zomboid’s development team was made by raccoons?

During the hair-raising rollercoaster ride of Zomboid’s development the core initial team gained a raft of contributors, zed enthusiasts, technical support boffins and close friends who were similarly dedicated to the cause. One of them happens to be a raccoon.

What is the best class to start as in Project Zomboid?

With enough time, carpenters can fortify bases against the zombie hordes. If you’re a fan of base-building and abhor previously lived-in structures, starting as a carpenter is your best choice in Project Zomboid. It’s a simple class, one that starts you off with three points in carpentry.

What countries does Project Zomboid work in?

We have contributors and support staff in Canada, England, France, America, Germany, Russia, Australia and more besides. The photo below shows the largest Project Zomboid team photo to date, yet sadly lacks our Canadian, Russian, American and Australian contingents – and also contains a drunk man we don’t know outside a pub in Newcastle.