How many folds are in the rectum?

How many folds are in the rectum?

The rectum contains three folds, namely the valves of Houston. The superior (at 10 cm to 12 cm) and inferior (at 4 cm to 7 cm) folds are located on the left side and the middle fold (at 8 cm to 10 cm) is located at the right side.

What is a Houston valve?

The transverse folds of rectum (or Houston’s valves or the valves of Houston) are semi-lunar transverse folds of the rectal wall that protrude into the rectum, not the anal canal as that lies below the rectum.

What is Plicae Transversalis?

Abstract. The plica transversalis recti (K Kohlrausch’s plica or Houston’s valve) shows a preferential double (52%) rather than triple (38%) localization and is absent in as much as 16% of cases. It is alternatively found on the left and right sides, 3-4 and 8-9 cm from the anal margin respectively.

What does the Rectu do?

The rectum is the last section of the large intestine, and it connects the colon to the anus. It is where the body stores stool before a person is ready to have a bowel movement.

What is a fold in the colon?

The haustral folds (Latin: haustrum, plural: haustra) represent folds of mucosa within the colon. The haustra refer to the small segmented pouches of bowel separated by the haustral folds. They are formed by circumferential contraction of the inner muscular layer of the colon.

How many cm is your rectum?

The rectum is an 18- to 20-cm long part of the large intestine, located between the sigma and the anal canal. It is located to the front of the sacrum, and passes through the pelvic diaphragm that separates the rectum into the pelvic and anal part.

What is your colon?

The longest part of the large intestine (a tube-like organ connected to the small intestine at one end and the anus at the other). The colon removes water and some nutrients and electrolytes from partially digested food.

What organ is in your butt?

The small intestine connects your stomach to your colon, and your colon then attaches to your rectum and, ultimately, your anus.

Where are the Semilunar folds?

Semilunar folds arise in the inner surface through muscle contractions. These are merely caused functionally and therefore movable. These folds form pouches on the external surface (haustra). The longitudinal musculature is concentrated in three strong ribbon-like strips (taeniae coli).

What are folds in large bowel called?

The wall of the large intestine is lined with simple columnar epithelium with invaginations. The invaginations are called the intestinal glands or colonic crypts.

What does the fold number mean?

Fold number. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Fold number refers to how many double folds that are required to cause rupture of a paper test piece under standardized conditions.

What is the form of folding at the top?

At the top folding is in the form of a simple anticline and passes to an overturned fold and still at more depth folding disappears. 5. Suprataneous Folding:

What does it mean to fold a letter?

1 : to lay one part over another part of fold a letter. 2 : to reduce the length or bulk of by doubling over fold a tent. 3 : to clasp together : entwine fold the hands. 4 : to clasp or enwrap closely : embrace.

How do you identify a fold?

In a series of folds it is evident like waves. They consist of alternate crests and troughs. The crest of the fold is termed as anticline while the trough is called synclines. An anticline and syncline constitute a fold. Limbs or a flank of the fold is sloping side from the crest to the trough.