How many Young Sherlock Holmes books are there?

How many Young Sherlock Holmes books are there?

eight books
Books in the series So far there have been eight books released in the series, with the eighth book released in September 2015.

What age is young Sherlock books for?

Aimed at children over the age of 7 upwards, these kids fiction books are brought to life with playful and detailed illustrations, while maintaining the original narrative.

Was there a sequel to Young Sherlock Holmes?

Never was this so evident as in Barry Levinson’s revisionist 1985 film Young Sherlock Holmes. Despite earning some very good reviews, it lacked sufficient power at the box office, grossing just under $20m from a budget of $18m, thwarting any plans for a sequel.

Did Young Sherlock inspire Harry Potter?

Chris Columbus, who directed the first two Harry Potter film adaptations, has cited the 1985 film Young Sherlock Holmes, which he wrote, as an influence in his direction for those films.

Who is the villain in Young Sherlock Holmes?

Eh Tar
Type of Villain Eh Tar, also known as Professor Rathe, is the primary antagonist of the 1985 film Young Sherlock Holmes.

What is the fourth Sherlock Holmes book?

The Sign of the Four

One of the coversheets to the original serial publication of the novel in Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine
Author Arthur Conan Doyle
Language English
Series Sherlock Holmes
Genre Mystery novel

Who is Elizabeth in Sherlock Holmes?

She’s An Old Flame of Sherlock’s There are other Elizabeths in the Sherlock Holmes world (Lady Smallwood is one, actually), but the one that most springs to mind is Elizabeth Hardy from the Young Sherlock Holmes movie. In that film, Elizabeth is depicted as the object of the adolescent Holmes’ affections.

Is there a young Sherlock Holmes book?

Young Sherlock Holmes (books) Young Sherlock Holmes is a series of young adult Thriller novels by British author Andrew Lane featuring Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective Sherlock Holmes as a teenager in the 1860s and 70s that is faced with numerous mysteries, crimes and adventures throughout the books.

When did Andrew Lane write Sherlock Holmes?

Andy Lane wrote his first series in 2010 and it was instantly a hit. Previously, Macmillan had announced that Andrew was going write a series featuring the early life of Sherlock Holmes. This series was to be developed together with the estate owned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Is Andrew Lane’s Sherlock Holmes appropriate for a teenage reader?

For a reader who has outgrown the Hardy Boys’ adventures but still seeks mystery-solving plots, Andrew Lane’s invention of a teenage Sherlock Holmes will seem timely. Graham Moore, author of The Sherlockian, reviewed Death Cloud for The New York Times and stated:

What happened to Andrew Garfield after Young Sherlock Holmes series?

After Young Sherlock Holmes series, Andrew did another Series called Lost Worlds which also got some attention. Andrew has a wife and a son and lives in Dorset, England. The first book in the series entitled Young Sherlock Holmes is known as Death Cloud.