How much does a project coordinator make at IU Health?

How much does a project coordinator make at IU Health?

$54,021 per year
The typical Indiana University Health Project Coordinator salary is $54,021 per year. Project Coordinator salaries at Indiana University Health can range from $44,741 – $65,991 per year.

How much does iu Health pay?

The average Indiana University Health salary ranges from approximately $38,785 per year for a Medical Assistant to $255,485 per year for a Physician. The average Indiana University Health hourly pay ranges from approximately $13 per hour for a Patient Care Assistant to $43 per hour for a Physical Therapist.

Is IU Health a good place to work?

Is Indiana University Health a good company to work for? Indiana University Health has an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5, based on over 1,489 reviews left anonymously by employees.

How much does IU make a year?

IU – US$15 Million (RM58,625,811) IU a.k.a Lee Ji-Eun landed on the fifth place of the list as she is a successful singer and actress.

What is an RCS associate?

Qualifications for the RCS-Associate Role This position is responsible for the delivery of customer facing services within Revenue Cycle System Services.

Is IU Health for profit?

IU Health reported an annual profit of $1.09 billion in 2019 and $1.1 billion in 2020. That is reported as “excess of revenue over expenses” since IU Health is a not-for-profit system. IU Health announced in December it was freezing its prices through 2025 to help align with national average costs.

How many IU Health hospitals are there?

16 hospitals
It is the largest and most comprehensive healthcare system in Indiana, with 16 hospitals under its IU Health brand and almost 36,000 employees. It has a partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine. The IU Health system has a total capacity of 2,696 beds.

Does IU Health give Christmas bonuses?

So it’s part of a bigger strategy of trying to do the right thing for our lowest-paid team members.” All team members at IU Health also received a $600 COVID-incentive payment in December to thank employees for the extraordinary efforts in COVID-related responsibilities.

Does IU Health pay weekly or biweekly?

Biweekly positions are paid every two weeks. Wages are paid two weeks in arrears meaning the payroll payment issued reflects hours worked four weeks prior.

Why is IU rich?

IU – US$31-45 million IU is known for being multitalented with a knack for producing and composing music. The singer has written over 50 songs for her own albums as well as for other artists, dramas and films, which gives her a good edge in royalties, according to Seoul Space.