How much does it cost to hunt tahr in New Zealand?

How much does it cost to hunt tahr in New Zealand?

Add on to your Red Stag hunt, this adventure combines the very best of New Zealand’s hunting locations and scenic beauty. Includes trophy Fees on Tahr & Chamois, flight to South Island, guiding and accommodation 3 days, 2 nights….Tahr and Chamois Add On – Southern Alps.

Tahr and Chamois $9,500
Tahr only $6,500

What does it cost to hunt red stag in New Zealand?

Trophy Fees

Red Stag/Tahr/Fallow/Chamois Free Range (best available) $3,500
Tahr/Fallow (best available private ranch) $4,500
Red Stag (350-380) $7,500
Red Stag (380-400) $10,000
Red Stag (400-420) $14,500

What is the difference between a tahr and a chamois?

Tahr are undoubtedly the better climbers in the alpine environment, moving higher and into more demanding terrain than chamois do, yet their breeding range covers only 7000 square kilometers of the central Southern Alps, while chamois roam over 50,000 square kilometers from Nelson to Fiordland.

Do you need a license to hunt red stag in New Zealand?

No hunting license is required in New Zealand so there’s a good savings right there. And if you want a more do-it-yourself camp experience, you can get the cost down to $5,000 during the early season by staying in an efficiency unit and making a few of your own meals each day.

Can you hunt in New Zealand without a guide?

Beyond being one of the few places one can hunt without an outfitter, New Zealand is also one of the few foreign destinations where you can bring home game meat.

Where can I hunt red stag in NZ?

Spey Creek Trophy Red Stag and Elk Hunting in New Zealand Welcome to Spey Creek Trophy Hunting in Kaikoura, New Zealand, one of the most beautiful places in the world, a sportsman’s paradise and home to world record stags.

Is red stag meat good?

In regards to the meat, the Red Stag is probably the best tasting venison in the world. In fact, it is typically what they serve at America’s finest Restaurants and historically has been a delicacy for the nobles of Europe. This tender meat is rich in taste, high in protein, low in fat.

What is tahr hunting?

Tahr hunting encompasses everything that is hunting in New Zealand; the mountains, glassing and spotting, the planning of the climb, the climb itself, the shot and the long carry back down.

Is the tahr native to New Zealand?

Himalayan tahr is a large ungulate, native to the Himalayas in southern Tibet, northern India and in Nepal. It was introduced to New Zealand by the New Zealand government to create a hunting resource for residents and tourists.

Is hunting in New Zealand good?

Wild pigs, Goats and Sheep can also be hunted as well as Wallabies, Hares, Possums and Rabbits for small game. We also have waterfowl and upland bird hunting and very good fisheries for both Rainbow and Brown trout. New Zealand has truly some of the best hunting and fishing the world can offer.

What Cannot bring to NZ?

Risky items include:

  • food.
  • fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, honey, ingredients used in cooking, and all dairy products.
  • alive or dead plants and seeds.
  • wooden items.
  • alive or dead animals.
  • alive or dead animal products.
  • traditional/herbal medicines.
  • any shoes, sports or outdoor equipment you’ve used.

Can you bring meat back from New Zealand?

There are many differing opinions from hunters and Outfitters regarding taking meat back into the United States from hunted animals. There are a 2 steps you must follow but basically yes you can do it without any problems.

How do you hunt tahr in New Zealand?

We have multiple options for hunting tahr ranging from wilderness hunts from remote spike camps, to private land hunts where we hunt from the lodge each day; we will have a tahr hunting option that meets your requirements. Tahr hunting in New Zealand with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris is a must do, your ultimate alpine hunt.

Why choose Lake Hawea hunting safaris for tahr hunting in New Zealand?

Tahr hunting in New Zealand with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris is a must do, your ultimate alpine hunt. We have the knowledge, areas and expertise to help you be successful. Your outfitter has an extensive knowledge of tahr and their habits and has been on over 100 bull tahr kills.

Who is Canterbury tahr hunting guide?

The Canterbury Tahr hunting Guide as an Outfitter member of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides association Inc. holds a Hunting Concession to commercially operate on Department of Conservation (Crown lands) Only Outfitter Members of this Association hold this concession.

How big can a tahr bull get in NZ?

Book a tahr hunt and come and hunt New Zealand’s Southern Alps with your alpine hunting specialists, Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris. We consider bulls of around 12 inches to be trophy size and consistently take tahr bulls of up to and well over 13 inches each season, 14 inch bulls are possible.