How much is a new semi-truck tire?

How much is a new semi-truck tire?

The average semi-truck tire price is in the $500 range. Some are offered for as little as $150.

What are the best drive tires for a semi?

The 6 Best Semi-Truck Tires Of 2021

  • American Transportation Steer Tire for semi-truck.
  • Road Warrior Steer Tire for semi-truck.
  • Falken Steer Tire for semi-truck.
  • Lavingator Steer Tires for semi-trucks.
  • MICHELIN X LINE ENERGY Z tires for semi-truck.
  • Pirelli Commercial Tires.

What tires are most likely semi-truck tires?

For semi trucks, the most common tire sizes are 295/75R22. 5, 275/70R22. 5, and 225/70R19. 5—but these vary from year to year, and it’s important to choose a tire that will fit your vehicle perfectly.

How long do tires last on a semi?

three to six years
Semi-Truck Tire Repair & Replacement Guidelines Most experts agree that semi-truck tire replacement should occur every three to six years. If your tires were purchased more than six years ago, it’s probably a good idea to start looking at replacement tires for your fleet.

What type of tires do semi trucks use?

Common Semi-Truck Tire Sizes Over the last few years, the most common truck tire sizes include but are not limited to 295/75R22. 5, 275/70R22. 5, and 225/70R19. 5.

What are steer tires for semi-trucks?

Steer tires for semi-trucks are considered the most important tire position on a commercial truck. They’re sometimes generally known as all-position tires because they’re designed for the steer axle, but also perform well on drive and trailer axles. When used under the truck tractor on the steer axle, their quality shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Can You service semi-truck tires at GCR?

When choosing semi-truck tires, it’s important to think about service, too. All of our convenient GCR locations can mount and balance semi-truck tires, and many of our stores offer alignments for commercial vehicles. Find out how GCR can service your commercial truck tires and fleet.

Why choose PLUSPLUS for your semi-truck tires?

Plus, our service for semi-truck tires goes beyond balancing and alignment. We’ll get you on the road fast and show you how to make your steer, drive and even heavy duty trailer tires last longer and perform better. To get started, check out the differences between each tire position in the section below.

Is there a problem buying the right tire for my truck?

Not a problem. Let our helpful tire sales associates guide you to the correct tire for your truck, budget and driving requirements. Our technicians will perform a free tire assessment, where we inspect every wheel position on your truck to make safety-focused preventive service recommendations.