How much is Simon Arora worth?

How much is Simon Arora worth?

In 2017, Simon and Bobby Arora cashed in £215m of shares and reduced their stake in B&M by a quarter, three years after taking it public. As of May 2019, the Arora brothers (Simon, Bobby and Robin) jointly have a net worth of £2.26 billion.

Who owns b& m retail?

Simon and Bobby Arora
B&M was acquired by Simon and Bobby Arora in December 2004 from Phildrew Investments, at which time the Company traded from just 21 stores.

Who is the CEO of B&M?

Simon Arora (Jan 2005–)B&M / CEO

Is B&M a franchise?

B&M European Value Retail S.A., trading as B&M, formerly known as B&M Bargains, Bargain Madness and Billington & Mayman (also known as B&M Homestore) is a British-Luxembourg variety store chain founded in 1978 and incorporated in Luxembourg….B&M.

Type Société anonyme
Website Retail website Corporate website

Where is the largest B&M store?

B&M has opened the UK’s largest store in the country – and fans really want to go visit it. The discount shop has opened the absolutely massive store in Bournemouth at the home of a former Homebase site. The store has approximately 79,000 sq ft of space with plenty of goods for B&M fans to shop until they drop.

Is B&M owned by Home Bargains?

How many employees does B&M have?


Type Société anonyme
Number of employees 32,000 (2021)
Subsidiaries Heron Foods
Website Retail website Corporate website

What’s the biggest B&M in the UK?

The biggest B&M is in Bournemouth, spanning two floors and covering 79,000 sq ft of space. When it comes to the highest rated, B&M in Colindale, North London has only just opened but it already holds the top spot according to Google reviews.

Who is the CEO of B&M Simon Arora?

B&M chief executive Simon Arora has revealed plans to retire after 17 years at the helm. Arora has led the discount retailer since he acquired the business with his brother Bobby in December 2004.

Who is Simon Arora?

Simon Arora (born November 1969) is a British billionaire businessman, CEO of the retail chain B & M . Simon Arora was born in November 1969. He studied law at Cambridge University. Arora worked as an analyst for McKinsey, 3i and Barclays.

How much of B&M does the Arora family still own?

The Arora family sold a £234 million stake in B&M in January but still own around 7% of the business, which listed on the London stock market in 2014 and currently has a market value of around £5 billion.

Who is Rajeev Arora’s wife?

He is married to Shalni Arora, who has a Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge University, and was a co-founder of bio-tech business DxS. They have two daughters.