How will you describe the weather condition in Batangas?

How will you describe the weather condition in Batangas?

In Batangas, the summers are short, hot, and overcast; the winters are short, warm, windy, and partly cloudy; and it is oppressive and wet year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 75°F to 91°F and is rarely below 72°F or above 94°F.

What type of climate is being experienced by Batangas province?

Batangas has the tropical monsoon climate prevailing. You have high temperatures and a lot of rainfall throughout the year. The average annual temperature for Batangas is 30° degrees and there is about 1973 mm of rain in a year. It is dry for 107 days a year with an average humidity of 78% and an UV-index of 7.

What is the wind speed during summer?

0 to 6 m/s.
The wind speed in the summer season varies from 0 to 6 m/s. On a daily basis, the increase in wind speed occurred in the afternoon hours which is consistent with the temperature characteristics. The occurrence of wind during the hottest hours causes a pleasant cooling of the organism.

How many islands are there in Batangas?

How many islands are in Batangas? There are 5 islands in Batangas.

What climate is type1?

Type I—has two pronounced seasons: dry from November to April and wet throughout the rest of the year. The western parts of Luzon, Mindoro, Negros and Palawan experience this climate. These areas are shielded by mountain ranges but are open to rains brought in by Habagat and tropical cyclones.

What is the nickname of Batangas?

Land of Rolling Hills
Nicknames: Land of Rolling Hills and Wide Shore Lands.

What is Batangas old name?

Batangas first came to be known as Bonbon. It was named after the mystical and fascinating Taal Lake, which was also originally called Bonbon.

What is the coldest month in the Philippines?


Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month May (85 °F avg)
Coldest Month January (78 °F avg)
Wettest Month September (12.96″ avg)
Windiest Month September (3 mph avg)