In which frequency range the parabolic antenna operates?

In which frequency range the parabolic antenna operates?

The frequency range used for the application of Parabolic reflector antennas is above 1MHz. These antennas are widely used for radio and wireless applications.

Is parabolic antenna better?

Parabolic antennas are the best choice when you need a lot of gain. It would be difficult to get more than 20 dBi gain from a patch array antenna, while a parabolic antenna would rarely have less than 20 dBi gain. The gain of the antenna actually increases with the frequency.

What is the advantage of a parabolic reflective antenna?

High gain: Parabolic reflector antennas are able to provide very high levels of gain. The larger the ‘dish’ in terms of wavelengths, the higher the gain. High directivity: As with the gain, so too the parabolic reflector or dish antenna is able to provide high levels of directivity.

What is a parabolic antenna calculator?

This page of converters and calculators section covers Parabolic Antenna calculator . The gain,half power beamwidth and effective aperture are calculated by parabolic antenna calculator. Tt takes operating frequency (GHz) and diameter as inputs.

What is the radiation pattern for transportable earth station antennas?

Recommendation ITU-R M.1091, annex 1 reference radiation pattern for transportable or vehicle-mounted earth station antennas with a gain of 12 to 18 dB and with a frequency between 1 to 3 GHz for use in the land mobile-satellite service.

Why is a parabolic antenna used in the high frequency spectrum?

In order to achieve narrow beamwidths, the parabolic reflector must be much larger than the wavelength of the radio waves used, so parabolic antennas are used in the high frequency part of the radio spectrum, at UHF and microwave ( SHF) frequencies, at which the wavelengths are small enough that conveniently-sized reflectors can be used.

How many reflectors are there in a parabolic antenna?

It usually will have two reflectors, a sub reflector and a main reflector. The rays to be trasmitted first emits from the horn antenna and reflects first at the sub reflector then it reflects at the parabolic dish main reflector. Following equation or formula is used for Parabolic Antenna calculator.