Is awoke a real word?

Is awoke a real word?

At this point in time, our evidence shows that the most common inflections of awake are awoke in the simple past (“he awoke”) and awoken as the past participle (“she was awoken”).

When awoke is used?

Wake, Woke, Awake, Awoken

Present Past-tense Past-Participal
wake woke waked (or woken)
awake awoke awaked (or awoken)
awaken awakened awakened
wake up woke up waked up

What is the synonym of awoke?

awakened, roused, wakened, woken. (or waked also woke)

What does awaken up mean?

a : to cease sleeping : to become awake I woke up late this morning.

What is the difference between awoke and woke?

You can replace “awoke” with “woke”. The reason is that they are the past participles of the verbs “awake” and “wake”, which have identical meanings.

When you awake or awaken?

Awaken is a verb. Awake can be a verb or an adjective. If you are asking about someone’s condition, you need to use the adjective, so awake is the correct word. (You would say “were you awake at 1 am yesterday?”)

Is awaked a word?

Completely conscious; not in a state of sleep. 2. Fully alert; attuned.

What is the synonym of triggered?

verbinitiate something; start a function. actify. actuate. arouse. call up.

Is awakened a feeling?

To awaken a feeling in a person means to cause them to start having this feeling. The aim of the cruise was to awaken an interest in and an understanding of foreign cultures. When you awaken, or when something or someone awakens you, you wake up.

Has awoken meaning?

transitive: to arouse (someone) from sleep. awaken. intransitive: to arise or spring into existence. transitive: to rouse from sleep. wake.

Are you awake or awoke?

‘To awake’ is usually irregular—’awake, awoke, awoken’—but ‘awake, awaked, awaked’ is possible. Therefore, “I have awoken” is correct.

Is woke transitive or intransitive?

Like the verb “awake,” “awaken” can be transitive or intransitive. The verb “wake” is yet another way to say the same thing. “He wakes early every day.” Like its siblings, “wake” can be intransitive or transitive: “He wakes his mother early every day.”

How can the word awoke be used in a sentence?

Origin of Awake and Awaken. The confusion starts back in the first millennium.

  • Introduction of Awoken. But English speakers like consistency,and by the 16th century,we had introduced what was an initially poetic past participle of awake to match the past-tense awoke:
  • Current Usage.
  • What does the name awoke mean?

    A submission from Nigeria says the name Aweke means “Pampered”.

  • A user from Nigeria says the name Aweke is of African origin and means “Someone to be bathed and pampered”.
  • According to a user from Ghana,the name Aweke is of Spanish origin and means “ROOT OF THE FAMILY”.
  • What is the difference between awoke and awaken?

    The difference between Awake and Awaken. When used as verbs, awake means to become conscious after having slept, whereas awaken means to cause to become awake. Awake is also adjective with the meaning: not asleep. Not asleep; conscious. Alert, aware.

    How to pronounce awoke?

    Modern IPA: əwə́wk

  • Traditional IPA: əˈwəʊk
  • 2 syllables : “uh”+”WOHK”