Is Carbonmade still free?

Is Carbonmade still free?

Yes. You can register for free and try everything out and we won’t charge you for it. You can even start a PRO trial and try out some of our PRO features before upgrading and going live.

How do you become a front end project?

Front End Project Ideas & Topics

  1. Build a Personal Site.
  2. Use JavaScript to Build a Quiz Game.
  3. Use Giphy’s API to recreate Giphy.
  4. Use Bootstrap to Create a Landing Page.
  5. Build a Content Management System for your Portfolio.
  6. Use Svelte to Build a List App.
  7. Create a Chatting App by Using Vue.
  8. Build an Audio Player App with the Quasar Framework.

Is behance part of Adobe?

Behance (stylized as Bēhance) is a social media platform owned by Adobe “to showcase and discover creative work”.

How do you build a front end portfolio?

How to start building your front end developer portfolio

  1. Make design decisions.
  2. Host your code in a public repository.
  3. Pick a tech stack to use for your portfolio.
  4. Explain your role and responsibilities on the project.
  5. Share what tools you used and what was the tech stack.
  6. Showcase the results of your work.

How do you write a cover letter for a portfolio?

An excellent cover letter:

  1. Address a specific person.
  2. Identifies the job you are applying for the how you found out about it.
  3. Summarizes your skills.
  4. Tells the employer when you are available for an interview and to start work.
  5. Provides information on how to contact you.

What is Carbonmade?

Carbonmade helps you build and manage an online portfolio website. Carbonmade can be used to show off design, illustration, copywriting, or any other types of creative work.

How do I make a free portfolio website?

Best Free Portfolio Websites for Freelance Writers

  1. Journo Portfolio.
  2. Muck Rack.
  3. WordPress.
  4. Behance.
  5. Adobe Portfolio.
  6. Crevado.
  7. Flickr.
  8. Portfoliobox.

Can you use Behance as a portfolio?

Your Behance portfolio is most effective as a series of projects: one project per Behance page. If you don’t have much work to show, you could bundle many projects into a single Behance page. A Behance page shouldn’t display all of your work. It’s best to keep it short and sweet, selecting only your best pieces.

How do you make a portfolio from scratch?

How to build a portfolio from scratch (with little experience)

  1. Shift your mindset.
  2. You are a professional. The first thing you need to do is shift your mindset away from “job seeker” to “professional.”
  3. Your portfolio is now more important than your resume.
  4. Make your own opportunities.
  5. Don’t undervalue what you know.
  6. Get your first clients.
  7. Do low-cost (or free) work.
  8. Pros:

What should be on a portfolio cover page?

Your career portfolio title page should contain your name, job title, email address, and phone number. If submitting a paper portfolio, also include your address, the company you’re applying to, and the date of submission.

How can a Web developer stand out?

Here are some tips on how to build a standout Web Developer portfolio.

  1. Showcase Work for a Broad Variety of Clients.
  2. Don’t Include too Many Samples.
  3. Share Your Motivations.
  4. Don’t be Cookie-Cutter.
  5. Make Sure Your Code Actually Works.
  6. What Is Your Personal Brand?
  7. Consistency Is Key.
  8. Create an Online Portfolio.

Where can I host a portfolio website?

But if you’re just starting out, or even if you’re simply cost-conscious, you might be reluctant to spring for a paid portfolio hosting option….

  • Portfoliobox.
  • Behance.
  • Adobe Portfolio.
  • Crevado.
  • Coroflot.
  • Dribbble.
  • Wix.

How much does Carbonmade cost?

We currently do not have a free plan but you can get the majority of all of Carbon’s new features for just $8 a month. And that includes a free Carbon sub-domain (, hosting, video uploads and much more.

How do I create a portfolio?

How to create a portfolio with these easy tips

  1. Be thoughtful about what you include. Liz Designs Things.
  2. Select only your strongest pieces.
  3. Showcase your most unique and creative work.
  4. Go for variety.
  5. Decide on how many pieces to include.
  6. Do you need a physical portfolio?
  7. Go high-resolution.
  8. Stay current.

How do I create an online Web developer portfolio?

Check out the FREE Beginner’s Guide to What to Put in Your Tech Portfolio.

  1. Start with the basics.
  2. Your specialized skills.
  3. Show personal projects.
  4. Link to your GitHub projects.
  5. Link to your CodePen projects.
  6. Link to your applicable social media profiles.
  7. Remember your portfolio itself showcases your skills.
  8. Provide context.

How can I host a portfolio website for free?

15 Free Online Portfolio Hosting Sites

  1. Carbonmade. With over 500,000 hosted portfolios and over 8 million pieces of work posted on the site, Carbonmade is a top choice for displaying your work.
  2. Behance.
  3. Shown’d.
  4. deviantART.
  5. PortfolioBox.
  6. Crevado Portfolios.
  7. Portfoliopen.
  8. Coroflot Portfolios.

What is a developer portfolio?

What Is a Programmer Portfolio and Do You Need One? A programmer portfolio is more than a simple resume. In essence, it is a showcase that proves that you can do what you talk about in your resume. Rather than telling prospective employers about your skills, you can create a software developer portfolio to show them.

How can a front end developer stand out?

How to stand out as Front End developer

  1. Stand out as a front end developer for your Problem Solving Skills.
  2. Knock the basics out of the park (HTML/CSS, JavaScript)
  3. Be a pro with React, Vue, Angular and other frameworks.
  4. Put yourself in the user’s shoes: UX and UI.
  5. Learn Cross-Browser Development.
  6. Mobile First is your mantra.

Do web developers need a portfolio?

Here’s the short answer: Yes, you absolutely need your own portfolio to showcase your web development work. Many people are tempted to think that a LinkedIn profile or a traditional resume is more than enough to do the trick.

How many projects should I have in my portfolio web developer?

Be Selective of Projects My recommendation is to pick between 3 and 6 of your best projects. It’s even better to have 2 large, high-quality projects over 10 tiny, one-off (i.e. To Do List) apps. Pick the best and use those. When it comes to a web developer’s portfolio, the game is quality, not quantity.