Is chief of army staff the highest rank?

Is chief of army staff the highest rank?

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) is the highest ranking military officer of the Nigerian Army. The position is often occupied by the most senior commissioned officer appointed by the President of Nigeria.

Who is CDS of India?

General Rawat took charge of post of CDS on January 1, 2020 after demitting office as the Army Chief in December-end in 2019. The Department of Military Affairs was created where he held the charge of Secretary of the newly created unit.

What is the post of Chief of Defence Staff?

Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) is a post that acts as the single-point advisor to the Government of India in the matters of India’s military. The CDS is the head of the Army, Navy and Air Force and is be a four-star military officer.

What is the difference between Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Defence Staff?

Originally Answered: What is the difference between the chief of defense staff and the service chief? Service chief is the chief of Army,Air Force or Navy whereas the chief of defence staff is the senior most chief among the three services.

How is chief Defence staff selected?

The Chief also heads the Department of Military Affairs. The CDS is assisted by a deputy, vice-chief, the Chief of Integrated Defence Staff….Chief of Defence Staff (India)

Chief of Defence Staff
Appointer Appointments Committee of the Cabinet
Term length Not fixed, May serve until the age of 65.
Formation 24 December 2019

Who is the current Chief of the Defence Staff?

The current chief of the defence staff is Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, who succeeded General Sir Nick Carter in November 2021. Chiefs of the defence staff are appointed on the recommendation of the secretary of state for defence to the prime minister, before being approved by the monarch.

What is the highest rank in the British Defence Staff?

From the creation of the post until 1997, the Chief of the Defence Staff was appointed to the highest rank in the respective branch of the British armed forces to which he belonged, being an admiral of the Fleet, a field marshal or marshal of the Royal Air Force, ( NATO rank code OF-10 ).

Who is the highest ranking military officer in the world?

L-R: U.S. Navy Adm. Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; French Navy Adm. Édouard Guillaud, Chief of Defence Staff; British Gen. Sir David Richards, Chief of Defence Staff. The chief of defence (or head of defence) is the highest ranked commissioned officer of a nation’s armed forces.

What is the chief of Staff of the Army?

Not to be confused with United States Secretary of the Army. The chief of staff of the Army ( CSA) is the service chief of the United States Army. As the highest-ranking officer assigned to serve in the Department of the Army, the chief is the principal military advisor and a deputy to the secretary of the Army.