Is Comp cam still in business?

Is Comp cam still in business?

In January 2020, Competition Cams was acquired by private equity group Industrial Opportunity Partners.

How do I identify my camshaft?

Locate the ID number on the camshaft. It is typically located in the center of the cam between the lobes. The ID number will consist of either eight or nine digits; the last four numbers identify the cam and its specific application.

How do you identify an unknown camshaft?

How to Identify a Camshaft by Number

  1. Find the model prefix. The model prefix is the first part of the camshaft number, and it describes the vehicle that the camshaft is meant for.
  2. Find the profile or grind number. This number should be on your camshaft, followed by a number of degrees.

Who owns COMP Cams now?

Industrial Opportunity Partners
COMP Cams, the manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of high-performance automotive aftermarket products specialising in camshaft and valvetrain related components has been acquired by private equity firm Industrial Opportunity Partners.

Where is the camshaft part number?

This part is usually found on the middle of the cam, between the lobes, inside the center of the cam. A cam’s identification number consists of between 8 and 9 digits; the last four numbers identify which application is it designed for.

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Did Edelbrock Buy comp?

Industrial Opportunity Partners (IOP), a private equity firm based in Evanston, Illinois, which owns Edelbrock, has purchased the COMP Performance Group. The plan is for Edelbrock and the COMP Performance Group to operate as independent organizations.

Where are Lunati camshafts made?

the USA
Lunati also offers a complete line of precision manufactured, made in the USA, valvetrain components, including lifters, valve springs and accessories, pushrods and rocker arms. For more information about Lunati Voodoo Cams or valvetrain components, call 662-892-1500, or visit us at

Who bought out COMP Cams?