Is Hauraki a region?

Is Hauraki a region?

From the mountains and coasts of the Coromandel Peninsula to the green dairy-farming land of the Hauraki Plains, Hauraki–Coromandel is a region of contrasts.

Is Hauraki a suburb?

Hauraki is a suburb located on the southern North Shore of Auckland, the largest metropolitan city in New Zealand. It is under the local governance of the Auckland Council.

Which council is Pokeno in?

Waikato District Council
Pōkeno is transforming into a vibrant and people-centric community destinations which hosts a variety of successful businesses and industrial ventures. Waikato District Council is proud to be working alongside the Pōkeno Community Committee and Mana Whenua to retain and enhance the identity of the township.

What does the Auckland Council do?

Auckland Council is the local authority that is responsible for all local government decisions and responsibilities in the Auckland region. In New Zealand, central government has created a local government structure for every region and district in New Zealand.

What is the meaning of Hauraki?

north wind
The name Hauraki comes from the Maori for “north wind.”

Where are the Hauraki plans?

northern North Island of New Zealand
The Hauraki Plains are a geographical feature and non-administrative area (though Hauraki Plains County Council existed from 1920 to 1989 and a statistical Area Unit remains) located in the northern North Island of New Zealand, at the lower (northern) end of the Thames Valley.

What is the population of Whakatiwai?

Population. Kaiaua and its surrounds, including Miranda and Whakatīwai, had a population of 789 at the 2013 New Zealand census, an increase of 123 people since the 2006 census. There were 402 males and 384 females.

What is Pokeno known for?

Pōkeno is well known for its two competing ice cream shops, situated on the main road, where pricing and generous scoops have created almost a cult following. The former Thompson Twins member Alannah Currie, who was born in Auckland, now works as an artist under the name Miss Pokeno.

What council is Te Kauwhata in?

Waikato District Council – Te Kauwhata.

Who is in charge of Auckland Council?

Auckland Council

Auckland Council Māori: Te Kaunihera o Tāmaki Makaurau
Mayor Phil Goff
CEO Jim Stabback
Seats 21

Who owns the Hauraki Gulf?

Meat mogul John Ramsey, a businessman with considerable primary processing industry interests, has controlled the Hauraki Gulf’s precious gem for 23 years. That might seem like everyone’s dream.

What is the Hauraki District rating information database?

The Rating Information Database records all of the information required to set and assess rates on every rating unit within the Hauraki District. This information is available to search online. The results of the Rates Search should not be used for property settlement purposes and contact should be made with Council if such a figure is required.

When will properties in Hauraki District be re-valued?

Due to a delay from Covid lockdown restrictions, Hauraki District properties will now be re-valued as at 1 September 2021 with notices in the post by 16 February 2022. If you don’t agree with the valuation you receive, you will have until 24 March 2022 to submit your objection.

How does Council receive my rates payments?

Council is very flexible in how it receives the rates payments. Credit Card payments online – The Hauraki District Council can now accept credit card payments for your rates. To use this service you will need to have both your rates assessment number and your valuation number which you will find on your Rates Invoice.

How does Council Council set water rates?

Council sets an annual charge per connection to a water supply on each rating unit and a water volume rate per unit of water supplied to each rating unit, based on location and level of service provided. Property and Water Rates explained. Find our more about what your rates are paying for.