Is hot air balloon in Cappadocia worth it?

Is hot air balloon in Cappadocia worth it?

However, if the prices ever go back up to €300, it’s just not worth it for such a short experience. As great as the ride is, when looking back at all my Cappadocia experiences, my independent hikes stand out the most. Not only could I take in the gorgeous landscapes at my own pace, but they cost me nothing at all!

Why is ballooning so expensive?

The reason that hot air balloon rides are so expensive is that they cost quite a bit to operate and maintain. No business will stay open unless they are also making a profit. For a hot air balloon company to make a profit, they are going to need to charge you several hundred dollars to go for a ride.

How many days should I spend in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is a beautiful region that we loved visiting on our Turkey itinerary. You need at least 2 days to see the main highlights of Cappadocia, allowing for 2 mornings to take the balloon ride in case there are cancellations for weather. Staying for longer will allow you to get a lot more out of Cappadocia.

Are air balloons safe?

Under the circumstances, hot air ballooning has an enviable record, by some measures comparable with air transport. Fatalities are very rare in both. But analysing accidents against hours flown show that non-dirigible lighter-than-air flight also has unique safety challenges.

How fast do hot air balloons travel?

8-10 mph
Generally balloons will not travel much faster than 8-10 mph. The distance the balloon travels will also depend on the speed of the wind as well as the duration of the flight. For example, an hour long flight with winds averaging 5 mph will travel a distance of about 5 miles.

How can I see balloons in Cappadocia?

The most popular spots to see hot air balloons in Cappadocia

  1. Hot air balloon viewpoint Cappadocia: The hill above Göreme!
  2. Hot air balloon viewpoint Cappadocia: The official viewpoint in the Love Valley!
  3. Hot air balloon viewpoint Cappadocia: The sunset viewpoint in Rose Valley.

How much do hot air balloon rides usually cost?

On average, a hot air balloon ride is going to cost anywhere from $75 to as much as $275 per person. Most rides in this price range will last about an hour, and the price will depend on your geographical location, the time of year, when you want to fly and the company you choose.

How much does a hot air balloon cost?

On average, a new two-passenger hot air balloon costs about $35,000. Buying a used two-passenger hot air balloon will cost you about $20,000, which is a significant cost reduction. You could either buy a new balloon from the assembly line, or you could buy different parts.

What is the best hot air balloon ride?

Morning Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Phoenix.

  • Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon Ride.
  • Phoenix Hot Air Balloon Ride at Sunrise.
  • Temecula Shared Hot Air Balloon Ride.
  • Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Ride at Sunrise.
  • Sunrise Sonoran Desert Hot Air Balloon Ride from Phoenix.
  • Sunrise Temecula Balloon Flight.
  • Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride in Phoenix with Breakfast.
  • What is price of hot air balloon?

    The average hot air balloon price ranges from $16,700 up to as high as $400,000 depending on the capacity, size, and design, among others. Super light hot air balloon for a single person would cost $16,700 to $17,900, consisting of the envelope or the main big balloon, the gondola or basket, burners, fuel and an inflation fan to inflate the