Is Miacademy accredited?

Is Miacademy accredited?

Miacademy has been accredited by one of the most reputable accreditation organizations in the United States. For years the ACS WASC only accredited traditional in-person schools, but in the last decade it moved to recognize the value of programs reaching “beyond the traditional classroom” and offering no degrees.

What is Miacademy?

Miacademy is a learn and play platform for young students. Under the leadership of Dr. Johannes and Swenja Ziegler, parents of five, a team of educational experts including teachers, academics, and homeschooling parents, developed the “learn with fun” concept of Miacademy.

What is Miaplaza com?

About us. Miaplaza, Inc. is proud to bring students worldwide the learn-and-play websites Miacademy, Clever Dragons, and Always Icecream as well as Geo Touch and dozens more iPad and iPhone apps. Look for us online and in the App Store today!

Can I learn miacademy at home?

Learning at home can be challenging. With Miacademy you can make it happen! We offer an engaging curriculum with effective tools that meet your needs as a parent. Learning on Miacademy starts with engaging teaching videos and quizzes, but it doesn’t stop there.

How much does miacademy cost?

Wow – now you can try out Miacademy for one month for only $1.99! Ask one of your parents to help you set up your account. Start a Trial! Are You a Parent?

Can students produce videos to share on miacademy?

While the core teaching is provided by our video tutors, students can also produce videos to share on Miacademy. A special reward is given for videos that help other members learn about academic topics or real-life skills. Students learn invaluable social skills by interacting with other students on the site in a safe, moderated environment.

Did You Know you can design clothes and furniture on miacademy?

Did you know you can design clothes, furniture, and artwork on Miacademy? Even better: Become an entrepreneur and sell your creations in your shop to other members! The best shops are featured on every member’s community page. Wow – now you can try out Miacademy for one month for only $1.99!