Is RSA Online Australia legit?

Is RSA Online Australia legit?

Australia has now seen a number of fraudulent cases while RSA training is concerned. There are many websites which have been royally sending out wrong messages to people of getting an RSA certification for a cheaper rate than the legit ones.

Are online RSA courses legit?

We are a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO: 40592), and are registered with all relevant federal and state government bodies such as Liquor & Gaming NSW, OLGR, RGL & ASQA.

How do I get an RSA certificate in Australia?

How to apply

  1. Complete your RSA or RCG training with an approved training provider.
  2. Get your RSA or RCG interim certificate from your training provider.
  3. Gather your original identity documents.
  4. Visit a service centre to have your photo taken and submit your application.

Is RSA Online accredited?

As of 1 July 2021, the only recognised course in Victoria is the nationally accredited RSA – Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (SITHFAB002) course undertaken face to face or online by an RTO approved by the VCGLR.

Is the RSA course hard?

The good news is it can be easy and stress free: Simply do a good, well structured course with trainers to help you. Check out the practice test questions and answers below to put your mind at ease.

Does RSA expire Qld?

Q: How long is a RSA certificate valid for in QLD? A: If you have a ‘RSA Statement of Attainment’, this certification DOES NOT expire. However, if you completed RSA training prior to 30 June 2013, your OLGR-approved RSA certificate will expire 3 years from the date of issue.

What is RSA certificate Australia?

Responsible service of alcohol (known as RSA) training is a form of education provided to servers and sellers of alcohol to prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking. In Australia this training is regulated by state laws.

Can you do RSA Online NSW?

100% online course approved by The Office Liquor & Gaming NSW. To work in the liquor industry in NSW, you must hold a valid NSW RSA competency card or interim certificate. Three steps to obtain an RSA competency card: Complete this 100% online, approved RSA course.

How long does it take to do your RSA Online?

4 – 6 hours to complete their RSA QLD online training. Once completed, you will usually receive your statement of attainment via email on the same business day.

Can you fail an RSA course?

Even though you can not fail, you still need to pass. Finding RSA training that is inexpensive but also teaches you some really important information enables you to pass.

Can I Complete my RSA Australia course online?

Complete Your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Australia Course Online From The Comfort and Convenience of Your Home! You’re about to discover the convenience of completing your RSA Australia Course Online! No need for inconvenient face-to-face courses, with the hassle of travel and parking! Work on your course any time 24/7!

Why is the RSA course in NSW so expensive?

NSW has different requirements for their RSA Course, including the provision of a “Competency Card”, and as a result, the price is more expensive for the NSW RSA course. The issued certificate is for the RSA Online SITHFAB002: Responsible Service of Alcohol. These competencies are part of the SIT20316 – Certificate II in Hospitality.

Do I need an RSA Certificate?

If you intend to work in the hospitality industry in a position that requires you to serve alcohol, it is now mandatory to hold a current accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol RSA Certificate. Most states now allow you to do the RSA Online.

Is RSA mandatory in Australia?

RSA is mandatory in some States and Territories and not in others. In some cases it is mandatory for certain jobs. Our RSA Australia Online provides you with a great way to learn and the necessary competencies to work within the hospitality industry in the Responsible Service of Alcohol.