Is the 300 RUM a good rifle?

Is the 300 RUM a good rifle?

300 Winchester Magnum is probably the better all around choice for most hunters. That said, the 300 RUM gives hunters the ability to wring more performance out of a . 30 caliber magnum cartridge for long range shooting and hunting.

Is the 300 RUM a good round?

300 RUM is an excellent long range cartridge with the ability to deliver a useful level of energy downrange especially with the power level III ammunition. Due to its high velocity it exhibits less bullet drop than most other .

Is a 300 Ultra Mag good for long range shooting?

What is a 300 ultra mag good for? This round is perfect for long-range game hunting or even long-range target shooting. This is one of the most effective rounds for long-range hunting at 300-500 yards.

How much does a Remington 700 long range weigh?

The 700 Long Range also utilizes an aluminum bedding block for ultimate accuracy and Remington’s X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger, factory set at 3.5 lbs. UPC 047700841649 Caliber 300 WINCHESTER MAGNUM Action BOLT ACTION Capacity 4+1 ROUNDS Barrel Length 26″ BARREL Weight 9 LBS.

Is the Bell and Carlson Remington 700 a good rifle?

The Bell and Carlson stock is very high in quality, and this rifle has all the basic features and construction details for a great long-range rifle. The X-Mark Pro trigger is standard equipment on all Remington 700 Long Range rifles.

What is the best long range rifle under $700?

An example of an excellent and affordable gun is the Remington 700. It costs less than $ 700. For pinpoint accuracy, you’ll need to mount a good sight. Luckily, this rifle is compatible with most long-range sights. The Remington 700 long-range rifle has profound features to offer.

Which trigger for Remington 700 long range rifle?

The X-Mark Pro trigger is standard equipment on all Remington 700 Long Range rifles. I ran a TriggerScan with the X-Mark Pro as it came set from the factory, and produced the following results: (click/tap to enlarge)