Is the Hyundai Equus still in production?

Is the Hyundai Equus still in production?

The 2016 model year was the final year of production for the Hyundai Equus. It was rebranded in 2017 as the Genesis G90.

What year did Hyundai Stop making the Equus?

A: Yes, the Equus was discontinued after the 2016 model year.

Who makes the Equus Auto?

The Hyundai Equus (Korean: 현대 에쿠스; RR: Hyundai Equus) is a full-size, front-engine, rear-drive, four-door, five passenger luxury sedan manufactured and marketed by Hyundai from 1999 to 2016….Second generation (VI; 2009)

Second generation (VI)
Height 1,490–1,495 mm (58.7–58.9 in)

How many Hyundai Equus have been sold?

Hyundai Equus – US – By Year

Year sold
2014 3,415
2015 2,332
2016 1,361
2017 19

Is the Equus a luxury car?

If you want a luxury car thats priced like a corolla, reliable like a corolla, looks better than a Bentley and rides better than a Mercedes than look no further than this Equus. You’re friends wont know what hit them when you pull up to the golf club next to their $100k cars and all the eyes are on your $15k car. All the luxuries you want in

Where can I test drive a 2011 Hyundai Equus?

Test Drive this captivating 2011 Hyundai Equus, located at Brampton Auto Mart, before it too late! These sedan’s are well known for their ultra luxury features that can compete with Mercedes and Audi, if you’re looking for luxury without the hefty price tag that comes with it, look no further than the Equus!

What can I do with Hyundai Click to buy?

With Hyundai Click to Buy you can shop on your own terms with total flexibility. Start online and easily pick up from where you left off at the dealership. You can do all of the following online, with just a few clicks.

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