Is the Wiat II still valid?

Is the Wiat II still valid?

The WIAT-II UK is now out of print – the record forms and response booklets are still available. The new third edition is now available WIAT-III UK. The WIAT-IIUK provides reliable assessment of reading, language and numerical attainment in one test.

How do you score a Wiat III essay?

Score each reason 1 point (max = 3 points). Score Elaborations using the following rules: Underline each independent clause or sentence that immediately follows a highlighted reason and is not a contrasting statement. Score each 1 point (max = 3 points).

What does the Wiat II measure?

The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test Second Edition (WIAT-II; Wechsler, 2005) assesses the academic achievement of children, adolescents, college students and adults, aged 4 through 85. The test enables the assessment of a broad range of academics skills or only a particular area of need.

Should I use age or grade based norms?

The examiner must decide which score is appropriate for his/her purposes. If the purpose is to determine Ability-Achievement Discrepancy, age-based scores are recommended as “best practice.” If the purpose is to compare the student’s scores with those of peers in the same grade, grade-based scores should be used.

What is the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement?

The Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement–Second Edition (KTEA-II) is designed to assess academic achievement for individuals aged 4 years and 6 months through 25 years and 11 months. This individually administered test measures achievement in reading, writ- ten language, oral language, and mathematics.

Can you hand score the Wiat III?

Scoring the WIAT–III by hand is possible however. All the tables required for scoring are in the Technical Manual provided in the kit on CD format. With hand scoring however, the reporting options are limited to providing composite scores, percentile ranks, age and grade equivalents and growth scale values.

What does KTEA stand for?

Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement Third Edition

What is mental processing index?

The Luria model resembles the original test — its global score is called the Mental Processing Index (MPI) and it emphasizes mental processing (how children solve problems). The scale that measures language abilities and word knowledge (Knowledge/Gc) is excluded from the MPI.

How long does it take to administer the Wiat?

about 60-90 minutes

Is the Wiat-III reliable and valid?

The WIAT-III is considered a valid exam, across general, special education and across all demographic testing groups. Reliability: Reliability speaks to the accuracy, consistency and stability of test scores across situations.

What age is smartest?

Some studies have shown that your intelligence peaks in your late 30s or early 40s, the video says. Things then sort of level out until your mental abilities start to decline in your late 50s and early 60s. Einstein might have been right for his time, but some recent studies have shown that midlife is when you peak.

How long does the KTEA take to administer?

Administration Time: KTEA-II Comprehensive (50-85 minutes, depending on grade level); PreK-K: 30 mins, Gr 1-2: 50 mins, Gr 3-5: 75 mins, Gr 6+: 85 mins KTEA Brief (10-40 minutes, depending on grade level); Gr 1: 10-20 mins, Gr 2: 15-25 mins, Gr 3: 25-35 mins, Gr 4-8: 30-40 mins, Gr 9-12: 25-35 mins.

What is fluid crystallized index?

From the CHC theory standpoint, the KABC-II produces a global score, the Fluid-Crystallized Index (FCI), that is composed of five scales (Sequential/Gsm (short-term memory), Simultaneous/Gv (visual processing), Learning/Glr (long-term storage and retrieval), Planning/Gf (fluid reasoning), and Knowledge/Gc (crystallized …

What are the subtests of the Wiat III?

Here is a list of the subtests found on the WIAT-III test.

  • Listening Comprehension.
  • Oral Expression.
  • Early Reading Skills.
  • Word Reading.
  • *Pseudo word Decoding.
  • Reading Comprehension.
  • Oral Reading Fluency.
  • Alphabet Writing Fluency, Spelling.

What is the Kaufman Assessment Battery and when would it be used?

It is used to provide educational planning and placement, neurological assessment, and research. The assessment is to be administered in a school or clinical setting and is intended for use with English speaking, bilingual, or nonverbal children.

When was the Wiat 4 released?


Is there a Wiat IV?

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test® | Fourth Edition (WIAT-4) is an individually administered achievement test for use in a variety of clinical, education, and research settings.