Is Willie apiata a Sir?

Is Willie apiata a Sir?

Apiata has donated all of his medals, including his VC, to New Zealand. In 2008 he succeeded Sir Edmund Hillary as the “most trusted New Zealander”….

Willie Apiata
Allegiance New Zealand
Service/branch New Zealand Army
Years of service 1989–2012
Rank Corporal

How long was Willie Apiata in the army?

The man, often described as a reluctant hero, had decided after 10 years in the elite SAS it was time to move on to a new phase in his life, Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman said.

What is Sir Willie apiata most famous for?

the Victoria Cross for New Zealand
Bill (Willie) Apiata VC is the first, and so far only, recipient of the Victoria Cross for New Zealand, which was instituted in 1999 to replace the British Victoria Cross. He earned the award for rescuing a wounded comrade under fire in Afghanistan in 2004.

What does Willie apiata do now?

Willie Apiata has moved on from his job helping at-risk youth – and is now being handled by Richie McCaw’s management team. New Zealand’s only living Victoria Cross recipient had left the Defence Force to take up a role at Papakura’s High Wire Charitable Trust.

When was Willie apiata awarded the Victoria Cross?

In 2007 Corporal Willie Apiata of the Special Air Service (SAS) was the first person to receive the Victoria Cross for New Zealand, for actions in Afghanistan in 2004. This is Apiata during a ceremony to celebrate his award, at Te Kaha Marae in the Bay of Plenty in 2007.

How good is the New Zealand SAS?

The NZSAS selection course has an 88 per cent failure rate. OPINION: New Zealand’s SAS is among the most elite fighting forces in the world. Every year candidates form the Army, Air Force, Navy and even civilians attempt the NZSAS selection course.

What country has won the most Victoria Crosses?

Of the 1,350 Victoria Cross medals awarded to date, Irish people have received 190 awards – the highest tally of any country, bar England (614) thus honoured. Scotland emerge in third place in the roll of honour with 158 awards and Australia comes next with 97 awards.

How much do NZSAS get paid?

SAS Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Data Analyst Range:NZ$62k – NZ$91k Average:NZ$79,169
Statistician Range:NZ$0 – NZ$0 (Estimated *) Average:NZ$77,500
Statistical Analyst Range:NZ$0 – NZ$0 (Estimated *) Average:NZ$73,000
Senior Data Engineer Range:NZ$0 – NZ$0 (Estimated *) Average:NZ$110,000

What guns do NZSAS use?

In Service

  • Rifle 5.56mm IW Steyr The Rifle 5.56mm IW Steyr.
  • M4 carbine (New Zealand Special Air Service)
  • 7.62mm Designated Marksman Weapon LM308MWS – Recently introduced [citation needed]
  • 7.62mm Arctic Warfare Sniper Rifle.
  • 12.7mm Arctic Warfare AW50F Anti materiel/Sniper rifle – Recently introduced [citation needed]

Is Willie Apiata leaving the New Zealand Defence Force?

Apiata said he was ‘‘very proud” of his service with the New Zealand Defence Force and was ‘‘very grateful” for all the support he has received by the service and the SAS. “I do not intend to leave entirely as I will remain with the NZSAS Reserve Forces. WAR HERO: Willie Apiata received a Victoria Cross for his heroics in Afghanistan.

Who is Willie Apiata?

Bill Henry ” Willie ” Apiata, VC (born 28 June 1972) is a former corporal in the New Zealand Special Air Service, who became the first recipient of the Victoria Cross for New Zealand.

Should the New Zealand Herald have published Apiata’s photo?

But there’s a case that a photo of Apiata is in fact the one image of a New Zealand solider that an editor could publish without putting his life in danger. Sadly for the New Zealand Herald, it looks as if their initial publication of the photo was a cock-up, rather than a considered editorial decision to break with convention.

What is Willie Apiata’s zodiac sign?

Willie Apiata is a famous Armed Force Officer, who was born on June 28, 1972 in New Zealand. According to Astrologers, Willie Apiata’s zodiac sign is Cancer. Apiata is the only recipient of the Victoria Cross for New Zealand, as opposed to the British Victoria Cross previously awarded.