What are examples of connectives in French?

What are examples of connectives in French?

What are conjunctions and connectives?

French English
parce que/parce qu’ because
donc therefore
puisque since
comme as/since

What are some good connective words?

and, also, as well as, moreover, furthermore, besides, in addition, etc. because, so, therefore, thus, consequently, as a result of, etc. next, then, first, second,…. finally, meanwhile, after, etc.

What are examples of connectives?

What Are Connectives?

  • Conjunctions – link words and phrases together. For example: when, before, while, so, because, since, where, later, unless, until, yet, once, that, if.
  • Propositions – describe location, place, and time.
  • Adverbs – modify verbs, adjectives, and clauses.

Is ET a French connective?

When used as a French coordinating conjunction, ensuite (then) is typically preceded by another conjunction, et (and), as seen above. They are, however, two separate conjunctions.

Is parce que a connective?

In French, causal relations are very often conveyed by the two connectives ‘car’ and ‘parce que’.

Is quand a connective?

Actually, there are only a few subordinating conjunctions: comme, quand, lorsque, puisque, que, quoique, si. However, we usually encounter what is called the « conjunctive phrases » (locutions conjonctive). These are groups of two or more words that have the same function as a conjunction.

How do you join two sentences without using but so?

If you cannot use and but or so to combine two sentences, use subordinating conjunctions.

What is a conjunction French?

French Coordinating Conjunctions There are 7 coordinating conjunctions in French: “mais”, “ou”, “et”, “donc”, “or”, “ni”, “car”. Those are invariable words that are used to join words or clauses that have equal value.

Is mais a conjunction?

There are seven co-ordinating conjunctions in French. These are: ‘et’ (and), ‘ou’ (or), ‘mais’ (but), ‘donc’ (so, therefore), ‘ni’ (neither… nor), ‘or’ (now, yet) and ‘car’ (because). These can be used in lists or to connect two clauses of equal importance.

Does car mean because in French?

Car > Because, For Car is a coordinating conjunction, should not begin a sentence, and is mainly found in formal and written French. Car supports a judgment or indicates a reason. La réunion fut annulée car le président est malade. The meeting was canceled because the chairman is sick.